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What would Bleach be like then? And suspicious. And a fan of stalking people. So when Ichigo started leaving class mysteriously, Shinji would quickly figure out why. Ichigo gained powers protecting his family. Chad gained them protecting Karin.

Orihime gained them protecting Tatsuki. So I guess Shinji would get his protecting, um……Keigo? But like everyone, Shinji would need to build up to that power. Maybe start by making his opponents vaguely dizzy or something.

Like in Soul Society, when Ichigo teamed up with Ganju, and Ishida teamed up with Orihime, and Chad wandered around by himself punching people. With Shinji there, the s would be even, so I guess Shinji would travel around with Chad. That amuses me no end. I mean, he cooks for the visored. Ishida comes up with the plans, and notices details, and draws conclusions.

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But then, Shinji is good at that too. As requested by anon. Shinji would hate school. Keigo: And this is why we love you. Ichigo: Y-You can see me in soul form? Shinji: No why would I need to see you to figure out that you became a soul reaper?

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Ichigo: … Ichigo: Dude, how are you not acing school? Chizuru: Hey! Get your hand OFF of her shoulder! Keigo: Shinji! Why are you destroying that poor movie prop?? Aizen: That blond guy is in jail with the other ryoka. Aizen: It warms my heart. Tosen: Why? Aizen: I just physically enjoy his suffering. Tosen: … Tosen: [ backs away ]. Kensei: Smile, Ichigo! Ichigo: Okay but literally who are you. Keigo: I hear the new transfer student has an obscene tattoo…. Keigo: I think this guy is bad news!!! Ichigo: Yeah, no kidding. Kensei: What do you mean?? Ishida: Yes, I noticed that what Ukitake said about the soul reaper badge was odd.

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Ishida: I naturally concluded that there had ly been a substitute soul reaper. Shinji: Yeah, I came to that conclusion too. Shinji: Back when Rukia knew how to transfer her powers to Ichigo. Shinji: So….

Let s compare fucket listswhat on your list

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