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The advent of the internet, just like technology, has eased the way we lead our lives. However, it has also made us susceptible to the dangers of the digital world. Now, more than ever, not only can we buy our groceries online, but we also run the risk of falling prey to a web of intricately woven scams and lies — all from the comfort of Legit site check couches. This is why every one of us needs to know how to tell if a website is legit. Given the nature of our digital existence, we could, at any moment, be in contact with a cybercriminal or fall victim to a phishing attack and be none the wiser about it.

A good rule of thumb is to pay attention, use good judgment when browsing, and look out for s that can help you gauge the credibility of the website. If a trust seal is legitimate, clicking on it will take you to a that verifies the authenticity of that seal. HTTPS merely means that the communication channel between you and the server is encrypted and secure i. HTTPS does not assure that the server you are communicating with will not steal your data.

For Firefox, click on the padlock and then on the arrow to show connection details. Click on more information and then view certificate. Our third recommendation for how to tell if a website is legit is to verify whether the website has a physical address.

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Does the company have a phone Legit site check and an ID? Try sending an to the ID provided on the contact and check if it gets delivered. Verify that the is not a generic one such as xyz gmail. Most legitimate companies have some level of a social media presence. Read company reviews on such platforms and see if you can find real employees of the company on LinkedIn. If PayPal was writing to you, they would know your name and use proper grammar.

By just hovering the mouse over the button, you should be able to see the actual link where you would get redirected. Remember that once you hitit might take you to a site that looks eerily similar to the original PayPal website. These are all telltale s of a phishing attack. Most legitimate companies make an effort to ensure minimum quality standards in all communication that leaves their desks. This tool allows you to enter a URL to check whether it hosts any malware or if the site is safe for browsing.

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Most countries and industries have data privacy laws and regulations that make it mandatory for a website to let their users know how data is collected, used, protected, and stored. This process is usually achieved by writing a privacy policy document and getting users to read them and agree to the terms and conditions. By now, most of us have skimmed through enough privacy policies to know what a decent one looks like in contrast to one that pretends to be an authentic document.

This is always a great method of telling website a website is legit or fake. If the website lacks one, or if it looks unpolished at best, rethink your decision to make any purchase from such a dubious site. Browsers can be tricked into displaying fake domain names as trusted legitimate sites such as a domain registered as xn--ppled.

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URLs can be manipulated using alphabets that appear similar from other foreign languages such as the Cyrillic alphabet. The URL can be deed to look a certain way using subdomains, but if inspected closely, the name of the actual domain is appears right before the TLD. Web defacement attacks, Legit site check pop-ups, and advertisements that attempt to entice you to click on them typically are indicative of malicious websites egging you on to download and execute some malware on your system. Be wary of websites that redirect you to other sites with promotional content or to a legitimate looking asking you to enter sensitive information.

Always exercise caution when clicking on any ! In addition to the steps we outlined above for how to tell if a website is legit, there are tools and add-ons that can help you stay safe online as well. Apart from the aforementioned precautionary steps, a few extensions and tools can also come in handy to keep us from visiting fake websites.

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Legit site check

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11 Ways to Check if a Website is Legit or Trying to Scam You