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As usual, I've written the phonetic English translation, and given you the Thai script. The entire lesson is also in video format at the bottom of the. It is a good idea to bookmark this for your next holiday. That way you can call it up in the browser of your phone when out and about.

You can also print it out if you like. I hope you find this useful, and If there is a particular phrase or question you would like to know how to say, please feel free to hit me up in the comments section and I will reply with the correct translation:. Do you like football? Please note that the phonetic translations don't have the tone marks required for a completely accurate pronunciation.

However, if once you start using the phrases out and about, Thai people will happily help you with the correct tones. Practice makes perfect, and the only way to get better is to converse with native speakers. If you want to learn Thai at home or enhance your school lessons, I highly recommend the Thaipod online course. I have combined this online course with my school learning and it has worked well for me. I find it gives me a lift between classes and doesn't allow me to solely rely on the two lessons a week. It also gives me some diversity away from the generic learning structure of the school syllabus.

You can register Learn thai speaking free basic here and start learning now. Anyway, it's time to move onto lesson 2 — to further expand your vocabulary! Jun 14, at am. Jun 14, at pm. Feb 09, at pm. Feb 10, at am. Dec 21, at pm. Oct 06, at pm. Jul Learn thai speaking, at pm. Jun 19, at pm. May 11, at pm. Mar 09, at pm. Feb 25, at pm.

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Mar 09, at am. Apr 13, at am. I wish you all the best in your move to Thailand and hope you continue to enjoy the blog. Reply Apr 14, at pm. May 07, at pm. Jul 20, at am. Jul 20, at pm. Apr 21, at pm. Notify me when new comments are added. I hope you find this useful, and If there is a particular phrase or question you would like to know how to say, please feel free to hit me up in the comments section and I will reply with the correct translation: Thai Talk — 25 Essential Thai Phrases For Beginners 1.

How are you? Where is the rest room? How much does this cost? Can you give me a discount please? What is this? Good luck!

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Which team do you support? Share it Tweet it Pin it it. The Thai Bites Newsletter. Receive my monthly roundup of posts with tips on living and traveling in Thailand. Last Updated on February 17, Great stuff!

Let me know how it goes.

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Nice one. Keep Going! Thankyou i learned. Goodevening, Nice feature To impress my girlfriend But Do we say "khop khun ka" or "khon khup kap"? Thanks for claryfying Karl. You would say Sawadee Kup krup and she would say Sawadee Ka. Everything is "kup" for a man and "ka" for a woman. How to write my name in thai. My name is shalini Gangwar. Hey, your article so Learn thai speaking, if you have more lessons please do let me know :D thank you.

Why they use so much the word khrup? Krup khrup for a man, and Ka for a woman. It adds politeness to a sentence. If you are having a long conversation, you don't need to use it on every sentence and instead can throw it in occasionally. Why did you put a Vietnamese girl picture in a Thai language lesson?

Because she is learning Thai :. It was just the only free image I could access at the time. I'm going to replace it. I'll put it on my to-do list. Thanks for reminding me. This a nice language, and I'm willing to learn how to speak a thailand language, because I like it country of Thailand. How to write my name in thai language My name is manoher.

I lived there for five years and remember after three years I spoke Thai really well but not pefect. It's hard to believe how different you are treated when you can hold a good conversation with a Thai. I want to learn a Thailand language. She tells me it is Thai custom for adult children to pay back to parents for their kindness for bringing them into this world. She always insists I give her cash. Am I being scammed or is this a Thai custom I feel I am being taken advantage Learn thai speaking but I want to know if this is normal Thai behavior.

Thank you for any advise and guidance you can give me. In the working classes it is normal culture for children to take care of their parents and send money home to support their parents as they age. However, the amounts that you are talking about are ridiculous. In rural Thailand living costs are very low, and most people live in houses that are family homes which do not have a mortgage or require rent to be paid on each month. Of course if they are not working and have no other income, then dollars would be a reasonable amount to support everything they need.

Those from wealthier families do not have the same burden because their parents do not need financial support. So as I said, this culture is generally prevalent in the lower working classes.

Learn thai speaking

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