Last song by edward bear

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Although the Toronto band had earned recognition with their songs Masquerade and YouMe and Mexicothe group reached new heights with Last Songtaking home a Juno Award in for single of the year, and a gold record for selling over 1 million copies. I usually have the song already in my head. Close Your Eyes was also about her. That one girl. It was written over a period of time and was literal.

How long did it take to write the song and what was the songwriting process like? It always had to be that same type of book. I would have the lyrics and melody in my head and then I would write them down. It may have taken me a week to complete the song from start to finish. What where your thoughts after listening to the finished recording for the first time?

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Did you have a feeling that the song was going to become a hit? Yes, absolutely.

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Once it was fully written and after I started rehearsing it with the band, in my mind it was definitely that kind of song. It took a few weeks for the song to catch on after its release, but eventually it did, and the phones at the radio stations just started ringing. One of the bigger stations at the time was out of Windsor. Once they started playing the song on high rotation, it beamed straight into the States, even before the song had been released on the American label.

In those days, if the station received a good response from the song they would keep playing it; however, if there was no stock for people to buy the record in the States, they would drop it. So a guy by the name of Bill Bannon, who worked for Capitol Records in Canada, drove down to Detroit by himself with a trunk full of Last Song records and salted the record stores with free records for them to have in stock.

We had no idea that he did this at the time. I thought that was pretty cool.

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When in reality, it takes time. Every week you kind of just agonize and hope that the song continues to go up the charts.

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Last Song never went past No. I have a theory for this. I think this is true for a lot of songs. If you hit a certain emotional frequency with people, it resonates with them, kind of like a tune fork. I really felt what I wrote, they were real emotions, and I think that became apparent to other people. I did call him at one point to get him to listen to the recording of Last Song. He called back to tell me that he thought it was a great song and wished me luck with it but that I should drop it down one half-tone… so, I did.

In the end, we both ended up with hits, which is pretty cool. A little relaxed and very farm oriented. It involves dealing with donkeys, a horse, barn cats and chickens on my farm. Go back. When and where did you write Last Song? What inspired the song? How did it feel learning that your song was becoming such a big success? Why do you think people connected with the song so well? Is it true you initially offered the song to Terry Jacks?

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Walk us through a typical day in the life of Larry Evoy. Share on. Latest News.

Last song by edward bear

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The Story Behind ‘Last Song’: Q&A with Songwriter Larry Evoy