Kind of boyfriend

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When it comes to relationships, everyone is different — but there are certain behaviors and characteristics that make categorizing a man pretty easily. Read on to learn about the 12 different types of boyfriends and what kind of relationship you can expect to have with each of them. The nice guy is easy to spot. He is everything your mum would tell you to look for in a man:. If you go for this guy, your life will be happy and fulfilled. Some of his Kind of boyfriend can include:. Beware of that!

He can literally ruin your life — so stay as far away as possible from him! The jealous boyfriend is one of the nastiest types to get involved with. He will always need to be reassured that you love him, and care for him the most. He will freak out if you mention another guy in his company. He asks about all your exes and insists on knowing everything. He slowly but surely alienates you from all your friends and family.

The insecure boyfriend is similar to the jealous one, but a lot more narcissistic. He is self-obsessed, but has an extremely low self-esteem. He worries about everything: Why did she take so long to text me back? Will she meet someone else and dump me? The insecure boyfriend is unsure about his own position in society and has a lot of personal stuff to work through before he should be dating someone.

No self-respectable woman wants to be around him for too long.

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He lives for adventure and adrenaline, and has never had a relationship that lasted longer than a couple of months. The shy boyfriend might look really cute, is nice, humble and quiet, and has probably never been in a serious relationship before. Being shy usually comes with indecisiveness, a lack of initiative and a general confusion about everything. After a while, his lack of confidence will most likely get on your nerves. He is a very specific type of man, and is another type of boyfriend you should stay well clear of.

There is a sense of melancholy to him, which is always present. He always feels like the victim of everything. The world, society, his boss, friends, and family are all against him. His whole life revolves around you and the relationship. He should be able to be happy on his own.

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He always thinks he knows best, does best, and is the best at everything. He expects you to be a certain type of woman and fill a particular role in order for you to be worthy of his love. As a result, he will expect you to be something between a mother and a maid. There are always different rules for you than for him. He can do anything Kind of boyfriend likes — while you need to maintain a certain image in order for him to be with you. Even in this day and age, coming out is still not as easy for all everyone as it should be. This guy always seems to be in a long-term monogamous relationship.

He loves being in a relationship. He changes his Facebook relationship status right away and shares pictures of his girlfriend on social media. Be careful getting involved with this guy; he will easily replace you with another girl, who will probably look just like you. The tricky bit is remaining professional at work, and making sure nobody finds out. Dating a co-worker is almost always a bad idea. Do yourself a favor and date outside of work. Find someone you can share more things in common with other than work.

This guy is a total baby! He refuses to adult and take responsibility in life, and probably spends his day playing video games, drinking beer or sleeping. Our guide to the 12 different types of boyfriends should help you to avoid some of them. Do yourself a favor — look for a decent boyfriend who will treat you right and have respect for themselves and for you. Her Life Online.

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Kind of boyfriend

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Which Type of Boyfriend Are You?