Kel tec rfb sale

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Layaway at Bud is super reasonable and a great option for anyone thx Very high quality weapon. Buying from Buds went flawlessly, just like purchases. The rifle is amazing and definitely unique. Just make sure you actually read the owners manual. You MUST adjust the gas valve correctly. So easy that a caveman can do it, but MUST be done. I took the rifle completely down upon getting home to inspect everything. Rifle is a little tight new, but easier to take down as you use it. The rifle has a lifetime warranty from Kel-Tec and a lifetime warranty from Buds, so I feel that any issues I may have down the road is covered.

Just put a vortex scope on it and had the put a riser on it to get aligned. Absolutely the best 7.

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Take your AR 15s and even the AR 10s I used to love my AR 15 and my husband had his AR But that was how we met. We were at the outdoor yard part of the range and I was just trying to get over my fear of the AR 15 when a guy asked me what kinda rifle I had Happy 20 years babe Great gun!!!

Best deal around!! People sure do hate on Kel Tec but this thing works great, two clicks of the gas adjustment and no issues with cheap dirty steel cased ammo.

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Can't believe this thing is a hair shorter than my kids Cricket. I also have a Tavor bull pup and was not impressed by this one. Has an innovative,but complex de which is much more prone to failure than Tavor. Disassembly is more difficult and was not able to fire more than 3or 4 rounds without an ejection failure. Finally, one round became so jammed in chamber after firing that I have spent last 2 weeks trying to remove it unsuccessfully.

I feel that the action on this firearm is too complex and picky with ammo to justify the purchase.

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Too bad! Oh yes! I love this thing! I've been holding out too long. After a bit of research I decided on the RFB. Every body and their dog has an AR10 or 15 of some sort. If you want something different, This rifle is definitely unique and reliable. A head turner at the range, especially when your neighbors see your spent casings eject out the front.

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Excellent NATO or. I have found that This rifle is very sensitive to the ammo that you use. It is deed with NATO rounds in mind, but will take. You may or may not have to adjust the gas system, which is easy. If you can turn on a light dimmer switch in your house, you can adjust the RFB's gas piston setting. Once you have a preference on ammo and brand stick with it! Great Bullpup with max power. This rifle has a learning curve. Do your research and learn as much as you can before making any judgments on this firearm. My recommendations are as follows. Checkout rronmar" on youtube his videos are very helpful and will get you going down the right path.

No issues with the Thermold mag that came with the gun. I have been shooting Malaysian surplus and its as accurate as I can shoot it and has been reliable with good magazines. Since this is an adjustable gas system its best to stick with one type of ammo that works for you.

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Gorgeous gun, Excellent service from Buds as usual. Hope the new buyer enjoys it. Search GunCritic. Kel-Tec RFB. Reviews: Popularity: 5. Recoil Velocity. Positive : 9. Mixed : 0. Negative : 1. Positive: 9 Mixed: 0 Negative: 1. Christopher F. Brent B. Gregory W. Tammy M. Paul S. Frank D. Jared J. Sean Q. Joe F. View more reviews 9 of Asked by George Heuston 2 years ago. Can X-Products drum. Unknown 2 years ago. Asked by George Heuston 3 years ago.

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Kel tec rfb sale

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