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Latest Forum Posts:. Lush. Submit Story Random Story. Hide Ad. Story tag for slut wife Found 90 result s. The Alaska Adventure - Chapter One - Vacation Plans Rodger had dreamt his entire life of going to Alaska and bagging himself a big moose, or maybe even a mouton goat, with a full curl. He had saved for this adventure for Jamaican Holiday Preparation - We decide to get away from the brutally cold winter weather, so we decide to book a one-week vacation at a clothing-optional swingers resort in Jamaica. To prepare, I tell you that we'll be going to My Introduction to a Career as an Escort Wife - My Husband works as a consultant, and often he is out of town, and even when he is in town he works odd hours.

I am not much of a television watcher, and our home is in a remote area in rural Arkansa However, when Susan eventually told Lorie that Being asked to Breed a White, Married Woman chapter 8 - Antonio and Sally enjoy the rest of their time together Sally and I arrived in our room after the banquet and just went to bed.

However, sleep was nowhere on our minds. We kissed and sucked each oth I decided Kitten needed to wake up. I spread her legs and began to eat her pussy I gave her two more deposits of babymakers and she came at least three ti Being asked to Breed a White, Married Woman chapter 5 - After we landed and were waiting for our bags in baggage claims I sent a text to let Josh know we had arrived.

Hey there, Just wanted you to know we have landed and will be at the hotel shortly. When I came to my senses, I realized it was not a dream and a very sexy blond angel was deepthroating me. I was wondering how well it had gone for Sally to get Ben on board with us spe I briefly thought of what Ben might be doing before I decided to wake Antonio with a morni I played football in the NFL for several years before I blew my knee out and could not play Just slutty wife stories.

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I stand six foot seven inches tall and I weigh two-hundred But there were some aspects, involving my best friend, Peter, that have bothered me right up until now, at the age of forty-five. My name is Evan They say that they will always be caught. They say that no one can ever get away with it.

I say… They are right! My name is Janice Brown. I was very happily married to July - Meeting 3 Sally is recognised by Lee - I suppose it was inevitable that Sally would be recognised at some stage especially now I had her profile posted on a of forums and dating sites. Sally was involved in the setup of each of the Lawmen Gangbang and Impregnate a Lactating Young Mother - The State of Colorado approved the commercial cultivation and sale of marijuana in the election on Novemberto be effective on January 1, Our Hobby - Karen leaned back from her grandmother's sewing table having just finished Just slutty wife stories modeling outfit.

She laughed to herself wondering what her grandmother would have thought about using her homemaking When they surface again and lie limb knotted and fused i This year she had a young gal from Just slutty wife stories Midwest in her marketing group. She was eager to lear Twisted Honeymoon part 3 - The guys made themselves comfortable in the hut, and Paula turned back facing Roma. Black Magic for Black Cock - Part One - My wife, Diana, and I have had a pretty typical marriage for most of our lives, living in the Omaha suburbs since college, and raising our children here.

My wife, Denise, and I were very fortunate to be able to afford to live in the city of La Jolla, ju Without intent, that evening revealed what I longed for sexually. My husband made no comment which made me think he either ignored my confession or was too lost in arousal t My husband is now on a mission to find other people for me to play with.

He said it was fun hearing about me having sex with the neighbor, but it would be even more A Couple Have Sex with Graham The Bull - A housewife is not happy in her life She needs a big cock to please her She wants to be a slut wife She wants to get fucked and purr She's looking for a man that's hung And looking to fuck her hard Cheating With Peter The Neighbor - There was a woman who was a cheater She had sex with her neighbor Peter When her family left for the day She'd get ready to cheat and play She dressed in revealing shirts And wore very short mini Impotent Young Husband Helped by Swinging Coworkers - My life seemed perfect at the time I was twenty-four years old and married to my husband, Brad, who was twenty-six.

My name is Angie, and we met at a large, privately-held manufacturing company in up Redneck Boss Fucks Employee's Young Wife - I knew when I went to college to obtain my civil engineering degree, that the construction industry has its ups and downs with the economy. But, even as a young boy I had a strong desire to work in a Postgame Show - I looked up from my book at the sound of whoops and cheers from the basement.

Smiling, I picked up my iPhone and checked on the hockey game that my husband and his two buddies were watching. It was o Cinema Fun - Lexi is beautiful and very sexy. She's curvy with long brown hair, fair complexion and brown eyes that seem to go on forever. She's got nice, big D-cup breasts and a sexy ass. For a of years, L This is How We Will Meet! When they eventually came to a decision, it was Matt that decided to name the day, the place and the time.

The date would be the twenty ninth The sheets were only covering the lower half of her amazing body and I cou My first customer was Dan. He needed someone to help with the remodel of his bathroom. Since he My Wife Keeps our Sex Life Hot - This story is about a part of our lives when we had few cares and were in a situation we could take advantage of. That short period in between college and reality.

I've never described Nikki so here g She was in a bed. He was naked and his cock was limp. Marcus helped her out of bed and guided her to a shower. He soaped her up and r We had been drinking and were feeling pretty good when my wife got home f Becoming A Cheating Wife Part 2 - My stressful week ended with missed deadlines for two high priority new clients because of things out of my control and an uncomfortable one on one conversation with my boss, followed by bumper to bum Becoming A Cheating Wife - Part 1 My husband poured himself a whiskey on the rocks then sat down in the chair facing the bed.

I stood in front of the bed with two men I barely knew. I met them in a club on Bourbon Street o Thy Neighbor's Wife - I was snapped out of a perfectly good night's sleep to the sound of someone knocking on my front door - far too early in the morning for anyone with common sense to be awake. At first, I stayed in my My Family Chapter 4 - Once agian I apologize for the delay. I also have started to get the daughter invovled and she will have a more involved role in chapter 5. Sister-in-law Meets the Neighbors - Just slutty wife stories was published a couple years ago with an alternate ending.

For those who read it before, only about a third of it is new. The first few months in our new house had been a bit of a nightmare Right about now, Tracy was no doubt shaking her great big boobs at my future husband. Or maybe straddling his lap and grinding the li Over the years that my wife and I have been together I've always got the feeling that she had cheated on m Sharon the Slut-Wife - part 1 - In my mid-twenties, I was a single guy.

I had a few girlfriends and a few more one-night stands. Those girls had been of around the same age as me or younger. I had never been with anyone ol

Just slutty wife stories

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