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I've read through a lot of the reviews on here and there seem to be a lot of people who don't like the site. While I can understand some of these gripes, here's the rub: Interpals is one of the best sites for penpals, epals, and online friends that you're going to find. While sometimes the response rate can be less-than-spectacular, you can say that about most sites like this. While this might seem like I and a lot of people who use Interpals net dating site are basically raging narcissists who get off on being rude to people, you have to understand that the internet isn't always like places in the physical world.

A lot more people will be trying to talk to you, so sometimes you just have to be a lot more selective about who you respond to, and you have to put a little bit of effort into making yourself stand out. I mean, it's not too uncommon for me to get four or five messages from people I haven't spoken to before on a day when I've been on Interpals all day. This isn't a huge amount compared to the s other people get, but it's enough that you do have to make some decisions regarding who you respond to and who you don't.

In my case, the people who just say "Hi, how are you? I think there's a good chance that a lot of the people who want to complain about how Interpals is a haven for narcissists just aren't thinking about that aspect of things. Sometimes the case just is that you're going to have to decide between two people, and a lot of people are going to err on the side of responding to the person who sends a message that asks them a couple of questions about themselves and their interests rather than the person who just says hello.

I don't think that's indicative of people on the site generally being stuck up; it's indicative that people appreciate it when others put a bit of effort into getting to know them. It's not like people on the site are expecting a 2, word essay straight off the bat; most will be satisfied with a couple of lines about you and a couple of questions that you wanted to ask them based on their profile.

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I think that's what a lot of the people here who are complaining about the bad response rate are failing to realise. You don't have to be writing long messages to people straight off the bat or resort to only saying hello--there a lot of middle ground between these two extremes, and that's what most people are hoping for. Really, I think most people who complain about a bad response rate tend to be people who can't handle the fact that they're not always the kind of person people want to talk to, or they're people who don't realise that people online don't owe you their time.

There are some good, interesting people on Interpals who I've enjoyed talking to a great deal. While some of these Interpals net dating site haven't lasted as long as I would have hoped, neither do some conversations I've had in real life; and neither do some of the friendships I've had in real life.

While as I said, the response rate may not always be as good as you hoped, that's true of a lot of places on the internet. Generally speaking, I've found that as long as you're willing to put some effort into your introductory message, you'll be able to find at least a few people who would like to be friends with you. Interpals is an easy-to-use site that has a great mod team. While there have been obviously fake profiles that have been up for a surprisingly long time, the mod team will generally crack down on them fairly quickly once they've been reported.

Usually the case is more that nobody's reported a problem rather than the mods are intentionally ignoring it. Plus the mod team is just great in general, and rarely have I ever seen a mod team that's more even handed. Sometimes there have been cases where I've seen them make decisions I've disagreed with, but those tend to be the exception rather than the rule Interpals net dating site I can usually at least see where they're coming from with the decision. The site de is about as intuitive as you'd hope for.

Plus, for the most part, Interpals doesn't really have the glaring on-site cultural issues that a lot of other sites of this nature tend to have. Interpals is just overall a good site, and as I said, as long as you're okay with putting the effort into giving yourself a good introduction, you'll find some people who'll have a good conversation with you. This site is a language exchange program, nothing more, nothing less.

Nowhere does it say"hookups" I give this site a 5 for language exchange. Interpals is awful. Even when you are doing nothing, and I mean absolutely, nothing wrong, your will get suspended if there are enough horny or creepy males who put a compliant against you, because you wont sex chat with them or send them naked pictures. It is disgusting how moderators on this web site will suspend your without even giving you a chance to plead your case or ask for your to be reinstated.

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This site is pathetic and a bunch of losers. Do not, I repeat do not, use this website. There are far more better ones out there that dont suspend your on whims that dont make sense. I have not been on this site in a while but its not because its not a good site, but instead because I am not much Interpals net dating site social sites. I tend to keep to myself a lot more these days so hanging out on dating sites or sites where you need to be active a lot just isn't my thing. Would I recommend this site to others? Yes, and I have for many years now.

Interpals was ok as founded a good penpal. Stopped writing as she was too busy for me Now its full on scammers, fake profiles and want people to learn English etc Also want more details e. Its on top of google as they paid google, money pay by click on the advert banner. Tbh I disagree with most reviews here, the problem is not the scammers, as they are expected on a site like this, not to mention you can so easily block them, it really doesn't matter.

However my main problem is that seriously almost noone s this site to find a penpal!!! Wouldn't that be the point of the whole thing? It seems to me that for all people this is a damn frikkin dating site. Not sure why would anyone date with someone half a continent away Not one who can hold a decent conversation, not one who is actually interested in what the other person does and such. Even though half of the profiles are full with introductions like "looking for long friendship, deep conversations etc etc" they NEVER actually look for that.

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If you are a girl, you will mostly be contacted by guys, which should be fine, I have plenty of male friends, but these guys are certainly not looking for that! And what else can I say, men who think they Interpals net dating site otherworldly gods and they won't be go so low to talk to you if you are not a goddess or just idk not their type.

I also wrote to women saying they are not looking for relationships, thinking that hey maybe that person indeed just wants to have a nice conversation. Turns out wrong, their friendlist is also full of men, only men, and they won't reply to you. There are also lo of people who are only looking for an English teacher, hence if you are not native speaker they won't talk to you. I kinda lost faith in humankind. I am sure there are genuine people there too, like I am, but it's like finding the needle in the haystack The platform is a waste of time for the majority of people who expect genuine connections.

Here's why. Ladies get over a messages upon a few weeks of creating their profile, especially if they are attractive. I was told of this fact a few times and I have reason to believe it is true. This gets the majority of the messages unanswered whether its coming from a guy or a girl. So, if youre a narcissist, this is your place to be to feel superior. From the guys perspective, it would be very discouraging to write any meaningful message since you almost always never get a response- however, at the same time, the few responses you may receive might create a craving for a dopamine surge and reason to continue the cycle.

It is extremely rare that you get a response or a first message if youre from a non western country or from a selected few eastern asian countries Korea and Japan in particular. Your profile may get looked once or twice a month, and even most of the people who would bother to respond to you will not look at your profile a of not interested. It is not for the rest of the world. You almost always see in profile descriptions that they request you write in a certain fashion asking not to start conversation with hi or how are you? Overall, this is like a dating site. The best proof is to browse through profiles and see who appears in their friends list.

If youre a guy, this makes it awkward to write to another guy who has all lady friends. This platform is deed like any other social media platform based on dopamine-driven feedback loops. It is deed to keep users stick to the loops without giving exactly what they are looking for- meaningful relationships - once formed which would make users not continue to use the site.

If youre genuinely interested in finding pen-pals, I suggest using sites which do not operate like social media sites with elaborated profiles with pictures and links. Chat sites specifically deed for language exchange are also very good for this, which would actually make users interact and form relationships. I Interpals net dating site discovered this site around late early

Interpals net dating site

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