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In fear, hope, or desperation, these women left home seeking new lives. Some found opportunity; others found more uncertainty—or worse. Raxma Xasan Maxamuud never wanted to leave her home in Somaliland. But a relentless cycle of droughts turned rivers to dust and dried up the grasses her livestock depended on. In Honduras, violence drove Kataleya Nativi Baca, a transgender woman, on a perilous journey to the United States border.

Women make up about half of those who migrate internationally and within their own countries.

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Some are pulled by the promise of a better future, but for those who face famine or danger in their home countries, migration is a gamble for their very survival. The International Organization for Migration reported that million people— million of them women—were living in a country not of their birth in More than 60 percent of those migrants live in Asia and Europe.

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Most international migration, however, is regional, with movement to and between countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and sub-Saharan Africa growing fastest. In recent decades women increasingly have migrated to wealthy countries to become breadwinners themselves, rather than to family members. For women escaping violence or poverty, the clandestine routes they take increase their vulnerability to sex trafficking, assault, and rape. And for women going to countries with weak laws, or for women who are undocumented, securing basic rights may be impossible.

Forced migration of refugees and asylum seekers rose by an average of 8 percent a year from tocompared with less than 2 percent for international migration. Of the That year another This is what 50 years of human migration looks like.

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The World Bank estimates that inthe COVID pandemic led to an unprecedented 20 percent drop in global remittances to home countries. Fear, anger, and poverty are inflaming resentments and xenophobia, and migrants are often scapegoated as disease vectors or blamed for social ills exacerbated by the pandemic. The stories that follow illustrate facets of the relocation experience for women migrants: the decision to leave, the hope and hardship Indian women looking for sex cleaners yesterday the journey, the adjustment to a new life, and more.

In recent years millions of women have left their homes, traveling between villages and cities, and across borders, in pursuit of new lives. Click below to jump to other chapters:. The sheep were the first to start dying. Pastoralists in the village of Haya, in central Somaliland, an unrecognized, self-declared state within Somalia, Raxma and her family raised goats and sheep and 20 camels. Within four weeks of drought inall their animals had died.

Seminomadic Somali pastoralists, who tally the passage of years by the regular arrival of the rains, began to notice that during the past 20 years the rains were erratic, no longer aligning with other rhythms of life, such as when their animals gave birth. Rain-fed rivers and lakes that had sustained generations of pastoralists disappeared.

In Haya inthe wells went dry for the second time in five years. We used to help others because we had too much. Somali pastoralists measure wealth not by what they can buy but by the size of their herds. Losing your livestock is akin to having your house burn down, your car stolen, and your bank emptied on the same day.

Families with surviving camels shared milk with those whose herds had died. As food dwindled, adults saved the largest portions for the youngest children. Diarrhea spread, Raxma says, and people feared for their lives. With all their animals now dead, the villagers pooled their money and rented a truck to take them to an IDP internally displaced persons camp near Burco, in central Somaliland.

The World Bank estimates that bymillion people in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and Latin America will be forced to move within their own countries because of climate conditions. Today Raxma and as many aspeople in Somaliland are stranded in camps, dependent on humanitarian aid to eat and drink.

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She named her youngest daughter, who was born in the camp, Barwaaqo, a word that evokes prosperity, abundance, and the happiness felt when the herds are healthy, the rains plentiful, and the lands green. Back to top. Before Kataleya Nativi Baca left Tapachula, Mexico, she called her sister from the apartment she was sharing with two other migrants from Central America.

Kataleya, 28, a transgender woman, was a pariah in her hometown of San Pedro Sula, in Honduras. Her mother rejected her. Her brother beat her. In a country where spiraling violence is fueled by machismo—exaggerated expressions of masculinity—hundreds of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex people are harassed, often violently. A network of rights groups found that more than 1, of these individuals have been killed in Latin America and the Caribbean since86 percent in Colombia, Mexico, and Honduras. For many, braving the dangerous journey to seek asylum in the U. Tapachula, a border city in southern Mexico, is a hub for migrants from Central America, the Caribbean, and Africa.

Kataleya spent four months there until she received a visa to transit through Mexico to Tijuana, at the U. The bus was full—mostly men, women, and children dreaming of a new life. The driver flipped the air conditioner on and off to save gas. Cell phones hung from shared power strips overhead. The riders made grainy video Indian women looking for sex cleaners yesterday. Kataleya was lucky: She had papers. By the third day, the smell from the toilet was so bad that people clapped cloths over their noses each time the door opened.

Backpacks and purses bulged with rumpled clothes and toiletries. Kataleya cleaned herself with wet wipes and reapplied her lipstick. Hours out of Tijuana, the bus roused in a commotion. The migrants pressed against the windows, squinting at a metal line snaking across the expanse of yellow grassland—the U. In Tijuana, Kataleya was given a to have her asylum case heard: 4, At the time, the authorities were processing 2, Six months later, and roughly two weeks before her was supposed to come up, the U. Facing uncertainty and violence at the border in Mexico, and rejection at home, Kataleya finds that the hope that propelled her on her journey to the U.

Despair has set in. A marriage broker translated the ceremony into Vietnamese, and they sealed their commitment with a stiff kiss on the lips. Tuyen is a marriage migrant—one of tens of thousands from Vietnam during the past decade, most of them women. It often starts with marriage brokers who alert women in villages and provincial towns about men visiting from South Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore. This is how Tuyen, 34, met Tony Kong, The terms are clear: Women come prepared to negotiate stipends for themselves and their families, and the men state their salaries.

Remittances are crucial in poor, rural parts of Vietnam. Whatever flaws prevent his clients from finding Singaporean women to marry, at least they have more money than their Vietnamese counterparts. For a migrant wife to stay and work in Singapore, she must first apply for a long-term visit pass, which is renewed by her husband every one to two years. Courts routinely grant custody to the Singaporean parent, as children benefit from being Singaporean citizens. Their mothers, who depend on their husbands to remain in Singapore, may endure abuse, neglect, and infidelity, according to news reports and organizations that provide support services.

But on her wedding day, Tuyen was willing to play the role of a newlywed. The foot boat was packed with more than migrants—Rohingya people like them, fleeing oppression in Myanmar, as well as dozens of Bangladeshis and two Somalis.

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Each time a powerful wave crashed against the hull, she held her breath and kept her year-old son tied tightly to her waist as sharks circled in the dark water. But they were gentle, she says. They respected Muslim customs, and women carried out health checks on the refugees, who were taken to a detention center in Darwin. The Myanmar government has long persecuted the Rohingya, a Muslim ethnic minority. Violence starting in prompted Sajeda and her family to leave, and by the end ofabout a million Rohingya had fled to neighboring Bangladesh and elsewhere.

See the refugee babies born with nowhere to call home. They violated women and dragged men into the street, arresting them or sending them into forced labor. Even so, they soon began stepping into their new life. Eventually Sajeda, now 32, and her family were resettled in Sydney under an Australian program that paid for their flights and subsidized their first months of living expenses. As refugees, they were eligible for government aid. Sajeda discovered ketchup and fell in love with Australian barbecue. The family moved into a new home in Lakemba, a Sydney suburb where Rohingya was spoken in the streets.

That sense of belonging was overflowing in me.

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In Australia, Sajeda heard people voicing their thoughts, and she did the same. Zhibek Turgunbaeva, 37, who arrived in Moscow from Kyrgyzstan in Decemberknows the hatred that being an outsider can elicit. And the kindness too. I will ask someone to beat them up and kill them. As the train pulled in at the next stop, passengers took hold of the woman and hustled her onto the platform.

Indian women looking for sex cleaners yesterday

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Meet some of the millions of women who migrated recently, risking everything