If he wanted to be with you he would

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I know. Since although facing the harsh truth is difficult and heart-wrenching, this same truth is going to mend your heart and heal your emotional wounds way faster than any lie would. You are a tough and smart person.

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So, come on, admit it: If he wanted to be with you, he would make that happen. Because, you know, when a man really loves a woman, nothing, absolutely nothing, can stand in the way. When a man is truly in love, he makes time for his woman. When a man truly loves a woman, he puts effort in the relationship. He wears his heart on his sleeve and shows how much she means to him.

He stays by her side through thick and thin. But, regardless of the type of person he is, you need to remember that this is not about him, but about youmoving forward with your life. Because no matter how long you were together, or how great memories you two have, or how nice he was to you, he is not into you.

Just think about how you feel about him. Think about how genuine, pure, and deep your love for him is. Think about the fact that although you were scared of committing yourself to someone, you still wanted to be with him. Well, he never felt those things for you.

It was not your fault that the relationship fell apart.

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Sometimes, you and your partner are not meant to be together. Sometimes the universe has other plans for you. So, stop blaming yourself. Stop convincing yourself that he misses you. Stop hoping he might change his mind and get back to you.

Stop imagining your future with him. Let go of him and make room for someone who will be sure about his love for you and who will be willing to commit to you. What you had is gone.

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The truth that if he wanted to be with you, he would be with you. Riley Cooper is a professional writer who writes informative and creative articles on topics related to various fields of study. Written with love and enthusiasm, her articles inspire readers to broaden their knowledge of the world, think and get ready to act.

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If he wanted to be with you he would

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It’s Not That Complicated – If He Wanted To Be With You, He Would Be With You