I found my friend lds

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How was Daniel a good missionary to his grandparents?

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In the October general conference, President Thomas S. Monson asked us to start preparing for a mission. What can you do to prepare for your mission? Have each member of the family the certificate on 11 to encourage them to begin preparing now to serve the Lord.

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How did Alexis overcome her fear of praying in front of her Primary class? Is there something that makes you nervous?

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How do you think Heavenly Father can help you overcome your nerves? Why is it important to be reverent at church? Discuss how being reverent and taking care of your church building show respect for the Lord.

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Make the General Authority booklet in preparation for conference next month. You can use it to take notes on what the Lord has inspired His Apostles to teach us. March A Priesthood Blessing Elias A. I Love the Friend Elise E. Count Your Blessings Henry B. Kindness to All Creatures Patricia R. How can the gospel help me be happy? David A. Out and About with Nathan S. An Important Similarity Chad E.

My Church Karen A. Checking Everything Tristan C. Missionary Service Chloe P. Pino and Joshua J. Scripture Matching Diane L. Picturing the Prophet Amber Swensen.

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Crossword Shakeup Amie Jane Leavitt. Guide to the Friend.

I found my friend lds

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