How to stop being shy with a girl

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There might be affiliate links on thiswhich means we get a small commission of anything you buy. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Please do your own research before making any online purchase. For a shy person, small talk can be agonizing.

You become racked with fear thinking of possible ways to answer a simple question about the weather. Some shy folks would rather have a root canal than speak in front of a large crowd or approach a stranger for networking. Your default move is to keep your distance from others, which people misinterpret as being snobbish. If your shyness gets in the way of how you interact with others so that you avoid social situations, it may be that you have a condition called social anxiety.

The infographic below shows some facts about social anxiety disorder. There are different causes of extreme shyness. However, it usually occurs when people have low self-esteem.

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They become anxious about how others perceive them. Side note: Another positive way to improve your life is to read and learn something new every day. A great tool to do this is to over 1 million others and start your day with the latest FREE, informative news from this website. Extremely shy individuals tend to hold others at a distance. They isolate themselves, doing their best to avoid social interactions.

In order to cope, some who suffer from extreme cases of shyness resort to alcohol. Being intoxicated lessens our inhibitions. For exceedingly shy people, being drunk is the only way they can interact socially without being overcome by their fears of being judged by other people. Some extremely shy persons develop depression and other emotional and mental issues due to isolation.

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Because human interaction is such an important part of living a happy and fulfilled life, if this activity is neglected, people are likely to have a lower quality of life. Introversion is a type of personality trait. Introverts tend to focus on what they think and feel within themselves rather than on outside stimuli. Although there are many introverts who are also shy, it does not automatically follow that introverts experience extreme shyness or social anxiety. Childhood shyness, meanwhile, is a phase some children go through where they seem to be shy around strangers.

Children usually outgrow this phase, and it is normal for children to go through it. Extreme shyness really comes along with a fear of being judged by other people, and physical symptoms when having to interact with people. People with extreme shyness may feel their hearts beat faster when they see someone approaching them, or they may start to sweat or turn red in the face.

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With extreme shyness, you may have physical symptoms along with your emotional and cognitive symptoms. In this article, we offer suggestions for how to build confidence to stop being shy. Some of your genes may contribute to how shy you are as a young child or as you grow up.

Geneticists have done studies to show which particular genes cause shyness in people. However, the genetic influence on how shy you are is not fixed, meaning that you can change that aspect of yourself. Typically you cannot change other attributes that you get from your genes. We all inherit some traits from our parents, and because shy people tend to marry other shy people, those genetics often surface in their offspring. However, even if their parents are shy, children can still break through this trait and be outgoing.

Additionally, a maternal infection during the prenatal stage—or even the presence of stress, trauma, or exposure to environmental toxins—may influence a baby's brain and lead to changes in their personality. The nature, severity, and timing of the incident would influence the condition or personality trait that the baby ultimately manifests.

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The most variable factor that could lead to shyness is probably how parents raise their children and the atmosphere in which the children grow up. Often, you will find a shy child with an outgoing and forceful parent. In fact, parents who are too assertive can overshadow their children to the point that they are unable to develop their own characters or social skills when they are left to their own devices to be social with other people.

A dangerous neighborhood can also be an environment that fosters shyness in. In neighborhoods where children don't leave their homes unless there is something they need, they will not develop relationships with people outside of their family. But these outside relationships are important for children to have in order to learn how to deal with issues in life. Some parents keep their children close even if there is no danger present, which limits their children's ability to function in social settings with others.

The amount of warmth that parents exhibit to their children can also impact their levels of shyness.

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Studies have shown that children who are often praised by their parents and experience warmth have less anxiety and stress and feel less alone than children who do not feel warmth from their parents. Some people who are extremely shy may have experienced bullying when they were younger.

While other factors may contribute to shyness, one main cause that often le to shyness is a traumatic experience that perhaps involved ridicule from friends, which made the person withdraw from other people. A small child may view such a situation as an act of betrayal by friends. This traumatic event probably becomes central to the child's conscious thoughts for the time being, and then slowly occupies their subconscious.

Because the mind tries to get rid of unwanted thoughts, they end up being stored in the subconscious. This can lead someone to act in a certain way, even if they can't exactly pinpoint the reason behind it. Now that you know what may be causing your extreme shyness, let's look at things that you can do to overcome it. It could be any of the major causes of shyness mentioned above.

Pondering the root of your shyness can help you become aware and accept who you truly are. For example, if you are aware of a traumatic event that happened that caused you to be shy, it may be time to get help with overcoming those circumstances and memories. Once you learn to process what happened in the past, you may be able to move on with your life and get over your feelings of shyness. If you believe it has to do with your upbringing, examine your relationship with your parents now.

Are they still domineering?

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Alternatively, are they shy themselves? Another thing that may have happened in your childhood that affects you as an adult is being labeled as shy by other people. Often, people are shy when they're little, and then grow out of it.

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You have to recognize that shyness is something that you can overcome in life. It doesn't have to be a static feature. Rhod Gilbert, a standup comedian, created a documentary to confront his own shyness. Is it speaking in front of people that gets you running for cover? Is it asking someone out? By identifying the triggers for your shyness, you can plan ahead and create a course of action for when you're placed in those situations. You can practice what you would do if faced with your triggers and work to overcome them.

Some triggers, like public speakingare common. However, some triggers are very specific to the individual person. These triggers may be tough to identify, but you can get professional help to figure out what they are for you. These may be something as small as a smell, a specific location, or even a certain song. Personal triggers are those that either consciously or unconsciously remind you of a bad memory.

People who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD often experience triggers from their surrounding environments. Chances are, you aren't shy in every situation in your life. You're probably okay when you are around your close friends or family, right? Being able to recognize that these people are not so much different than strangers is key. The only thing is, you know these people better.

This will help you realize that it is your situation that makes you shy—it isn't a problem with you. Then you can take the necessary steps to overcome them. The more you avoid social situations, the more your anxiety will fester. Act confidently and tell yourself that you have every reason to feel as confident as you can act.

How to stop being shy with a girl

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How To Not Be Shy Around Girls