How many joints does it take to get high

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How much marijuana is in a typical t? Believe it or not, the question has perplexed experts for years. dating site

Arriving at a trustworthy estimate is important for many reasons, including informing policy makers, law enforcement officials, health care providers and researchers. Casual and scientific analyses have yielded a wide range of guesses as to the average contents of a marijuana cigarette, whether purchased or prepared at home. At least one study placed the typical weight at 0. The federal government has said it is closer to 0.

The estimates from pot smokers are, shall we say, higher: Roughly one in four people responding to an informal poll last year by High Timesthe cannabis magazine, said a typical t contained one gram of marijuana. But nearly as many said it contained half that amount. Perhaps it depends how you roll. The actual average may be much less.

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The new study, an analysis of federal drug arrest data published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence, found the average amount of weed in a t to be much smaller than those estimates: just 0. Such estimates about more than better understanding a high. Many users report marijuana consumption in terms of ts smoked, a statistic that is useless to researchers, authorities or policy makers without an accurate approximation of what that means.

Their estimate is based on marijuana purchase data collected from interviews with people who were arrested from to and from to under a Department of Justice program.

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While the answers came in many forms, Dr. Ridgeway and Dr. Kilmer focused on the more than 10, responses in which marijuana was measured in grams, ounces or ts. Those factors can ificantly influence the estimates. Bulk discounts, in particular, modulate price.

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Ridgeway said. To for those variations, the researchers applied a mathematical drug pricing model to the data, yielding their answer of 0. Kilmer and Dr. Ridgeway acknowledge that their estimate is imperfect. It reflects just one population of marijuana consumer — people who have been arrested — and only in a smattering of counties across the United States.

But it is a convincing measurement nonetheless. Indeed, in a global drug survey conducted by academics found that most users get about three ts from a single gram of marijuana, or roughly 0. Of course, weight is just a piece of the puzzle.

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Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the chemical that produces the main psychoactive effects of marijuana, matters. Pot Experts Have a New Estimate.

How many joints does it take to get high

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