How come girls dont like me

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If you want to save your dating life, keep reading. You really need to hear this. My only goal here is to help you get that first date and make it to the second. Take notes!

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There is nothing that will chase me away from a guy like a whiney, negative attitude, constant victim playing, and extremely low self-esteem. Come on, buddy. We all have our issues. Are you always complaining about superficial things?

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Do you always have a problem for every solution? Are you jaded and frustrated by everything and everyone? If you want to appeal to attractive women, change your outlook. If you want to stop feeling like a high-school boy, then just start taking ability for your actions. Girls love guys who can put a smile on their face.

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Just ask your female friends! Most guys simply SUCK at communicating. Women love good communication. We love to talk about how to spend our free time together. My advice: Learn how to talk. This may not seem like a big issue, but it definitely can be. For example, do you spend the majority of your time playing video games and Xbox with your best friend? Are you too lazy to cook, so you keep ordering in until you go broke?

Girls notice this, and guess what? You need to have at least one mature bone in your body. Your priorities cannot be playing games and lounging around in your underwear. At some point, you just need to grow up.

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If you want to enter a serious relationship, you need to change your life for the better. Not for her — for yourself! No woman will want to come to your messy bachelor pad to play games and eat three-day-old pasta. If you want to get the girl, get up off your ass and do something about it! Who wants to hear your dirty talk after knowing each other for five days? Pace yourselves, boys! If you want to successfully push her away, then, by all means, go ahead with the dirty pic. But if you want to get to a second date, maybe you want to hit the brakes. For now, keep it PG and take it slowly.

All things come to those who wait! Let me elaborate. But do you know what might actually give you a chance for success? Being yourself. Going into it with the pure intention of making a genuine connection. Human beings are really simple when you think about it. All we really want is to find someone we vibe with and who gets us. Just relax. Instead of resorting to Google to solve your problem of how to get her in the sack in five simple steps, maybe try to win her intellectually first, huh?

But when all you seem to want is to get her naked, how can you expect her to think of you differently? We are all a little messed up — so what? We just make it work and take it day by day. But forcing your issues onto someone who just entered your life is wrong and heavy. Help yourself get better by talking to your best friends and letting them help you. Similar to the issue, there is such a thing as being too self-assured. Nice Guy all the time, nor do you need to play the bad boy part. Being too into yourself will make any girl get tired of you pretty soon.

Instead, why not try a different approach? How come girls dont like me confident, but not too confident. Always show a bit of humility and genuine effort. Just know where the line is and make sure never to cross over to cockiness. That means showering, shaving every once in a whiletaking good care of your hair, and wearing presentable clothes.

A girl wants to see a guy who looks like he actually gives a damn about self-care. So simple, yet so crucial! Secondly, you need to think about how you want her to see you intellectually. Do world issues not interest you? Let me be frank. By being the kind of guy you would want your daughter to date one day. By leaving your issues at the door, and giving her a good enough reason to stay. But newsflash — your actions are the deciding factor, not your charm!

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How come girls dont like me

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Does It Matter If Other Girls Don’t Like Me?