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But did you also know that research shows pretty people are viewed as healthier? More persuasive? Make more money? More friendly? Even if the person judging all of these attributes knows nothing at all about the person, people tend to believe it. So, why is this? Especially in a day and age where social media rules the world, so to speak, being attractive often goes unacknowledged as a privilege. In our society where male privilege or white privilege both extremely prevalent are so well-known and talked about so frequently, the idea of pretty privilege almost sounds like a sham.

Contrary to belief, it is actually proven that there are real benefits of being labeled as beautiful under societal expectations. Yet, pretty privilege is continuously ignored. My first interview was with Chris Hansen, a thirty-year-old former model from Pacific Beach.

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Sounds bad to admit, but I feel like just the overall respect and trust from random people is something that stands out, personally. Felt more like a flirty convo. My jobs following a takeout window in high school were Abercrombie, Hollister, and Hurley.

Each time a young woman interviewed me and I got hired, definitely not for my retail skills. He mentioned to me that they had him standing in the entryway saying hi to people walking in or walking by. He claims that the jobs made him feel shallow and that all of his worth was in his looks.

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But at the same time, I can only imagine how many other people applied for those jobs and were way more deserving based on their qualifications. Next, we have the lovely Ronique. She is a blogger and influencer on Instagram who is a big promoter of authenticity. Ronique has been conditioned her whole life to know that she is an attractive black woman due to compliments from family, friends, and strangers. She states that her bone structure is feminine and round, and most of her womanly features are proportionate.

Yet, here Ronique is, acknowledging that her attractiveness and academic ability have provided gains for her. Vivi Koenig, a twenty-two year old model, actress, and influencer from Berlin, Germany, was my next interviewee. She has grown in popularity over Instagram with her sustainable, vegan lifestyle, and not to mention, her beautiful looks and aesthetically-pleasing feed.

When I spoke with Vivi, she talked to me about how, as a model, she persistently feels the pressure to constantly look good and always look and be happy. She realized the way her appearance affected how she was treated at a very, very young age. Vivi notes how she thought she always had to make justice to the words people said to her and always be the pretty, sweet, and nice girl they thought she was. In relation to Vivi, my next interviewee, Christina Palavra, had similar feelings. Christina is a twenty-five-year-old model and actress living in Bushwick, NY.

She fears that she will attract the wrong people because of the way she looks, and that they will just want to keep it physical. She expresses that she struggled a lot with feeling beautiful among her peers growing up. While speaking to Ms. Palavra, we dove into the negative aspects of pretty privilege that often go overlooked.

She informs that me that for years she has tried to keep her looks up to a certain par and that it has taken a toll on her mental health. On the topic of Instagram and how it can propel careers, she tells me how even being someone with a huge following, she had to take a break from the app because she was comparing herself to almost every person she saw.

And that, to me, is just unrealistic. Once, I had a guy propose to me with a ring in one hand and first-class tickets to Dubai in Hot wives want real sex Lexington other after only knowing me three days on the job. She also revealed that she has been let off of speeding tickets from male officers more than once.

After she mentioned that most of her life people have cared more about her looks, I asked her if that hurts.

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At times pretty privilege was a priority for me… To get something. She admits that the objectification took a back seat to the attention and opportunities. The last person I had the opportunity to interview was Nicki, a fifty-six-year-old living in Atlanta, Georgia with her wife and two daughters.

Nicki has been a stylist for years and has worked with numerous celebrities such as Lisa VanderpumpNellyand has been on set for photoshoots with models such as Bella Hadid. I was particularly interested in interviewing someone who still profits off of pretty privilege, but also experienced it in years before the age of social media really set in. When I asked her how she has seen beauty standards and pretty privilege evolve over the years, she immediately noted how Hot wives want real sex Lexington media has magnified beauty standards and also has propelled careers like modeling and influencing.

She mentions how both of her daughters have been contacted through Instagram by modeling scouts who requested head and full body shots to send along to modeling managers. I asked her when she realized her appearance shaped how she was treated by others. She asserts that a problem she has realized in society lies in how we compliment others. She stared into her webcam with a delicate, yet disappointed, look on her face. After all, that is a fight with science all on its own. Believe it or not, many people think being pretty is a detrimental thing. Cleopatra, Greek goddesses, even hieroglyphics.

Look at the history of art and its depiction of women. She goes on about how young girls—from a very young age—are provided with role models of beautiful princesses with tiny waists and slender arms and glowing skin. She points out how people are innately drawn to beauty. She shocked me with an interesting fact she learned while in school for psychology. I mean, look at pretty privilege right now, today. We can do better. And, Nicki is right.

It starts with more people like the above, acknowledging their pretty privilege. Our commodified version of beauty is slowly slipping away, and so many more versions of beauty are being brought forward. I think it is better in the light than creeping in the shadows. It is about time that society starts the reconstruction of how character needs to be prioritized over looks through changing the way we compliment each other, utilize each other, and what we consider beauty standards in the first place. Fashion Beauty Culture Lifestyle News. Back Fashion Accessories.

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Hot wives want real sex Lexington

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