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News U. Ketchikan Arts Column Sharon Allen. Opinions - Letters Viewpoints Publish Letter. Weather, etc TV Guide Ketchikan. The accident took place around pm Sunday at Monday - June 27, Murkowski ed 18 bills into law Friday, June 24 including legislation to protect public health, reform insurance regulations, reform Alaska's elections system and finally put Amerada Hess funds to work for Alaskans.

In a recent U. Supreme Court decision the court allowed governments to use condemnation not only to clean up neighborhoods and promote economic development, but also to take homes and other property in still viable neighborhoods from owners to increase revenue from property tax. In two decisions, the nation's high court ruled that displays in two county courthouses in rural Kentucky violated the constitutional ban on government "establishment of religion," but said that a 6-foot granite marker on the state Capitol grounds in Texas did not.

The justices' refusal to second-guess Florida courts in allowing the removal of the brain-damaged woman's feeding tube provoked House Republican leader Tom DeLay of Texas to warn that judges would "answer for their behavior.

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But other lawmakers have suggested stripping the court of the power to decide hot-button cases - including Ten Commandments and other cases that involve "the public acknowledgment of God as the sovereign" - and have called for impeaching judges they consider "out of the mainstream.

Political Cartoonists. June Click on the date for stories and photos published on that day Front Archives. International: Bush, Schroeder Exchange Views on Iran's Nuclear Program - President Bush, meeting with German leader Gerhard Schroeder, said the development of a nuclear weapon by Iran remains "unacceptable," and urged Germany, France and the United Kingdom, collectively known as the EU-3, to continue their discussions with Iran to curb that country's nuclear program.

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In remarks to the press with the German chancellor at the White House June 27, Bush said, "My message to the chancellor is that we continue working with Great Britain, France and Germany to send a focused, concerted, unified message that says the development of a nuclear weapon is unacceptable and a process which would enable Iran to develop a nuclear weapon is unacceptable. The Bush administration is concerned that Iran has been pursuing nuclear weapons under cover of a civilian nuclear program, and has accused Tehran of hiding its nuclear activities from the international community.

According to press reports, Iran suspended all of its uranium enrichment-related activities in November to avoid possible U. The EU-3 countries have reportedly offered economic concessions if Iran permanently halts all of its uranium-enrichment activities. There are an additional 50, to 70, site-protection forces, he said. Rumsfeld predicted on NBC's Meet the Press that Iraq would be able to deploysecurity forces by Octoberwhen the Iraqi people vote on their new constitution and prepare for parliamentary elections in December.

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International: China on hunt to satisfy its thirst for oil - China is the big oilman on the world stage today. China's thirst for energy has been a major factor driving up the international price of oil and China's takeover bid for Unocal Corporation makes it clear to Americans that the 1.

Chinese firms are pumping oil and natural gas in many areas that the United States was counting on to meet its own record-high demand. While China's supply network does not yet rival the global clout of U. Dick Kauffman, Publisher editor sitnews. Online since

Hot girl Ketchikan ky

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