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Light Tackle, Drop Shot and Shark Fishing are available on request if booked in advance so we can be prepared. You can also choose Fly Fishing or Plugging but for this you will have to have your own tackle as we do not supply this Light tackle reef fishing can provide hours of great entertainment especially when a family with children has booked the boat and even with our corporate charters and team building trips with a mixture of men and women.

We have a huge variety of Fish in our waters from pelagic species Game Fish to the resident non-pelagic species Reef Fish. Light tackle fishing is a great option for families. Standard Deep Sea Fishing Trip On our standard Deep Sea Fishing trip we leave port and troll out the the reefs for game to do bottom fishing, in summer we will spend more time trolling and in winter we spend more time bottom fishing, this may also vary according to what is biting and what your preference is, it is a fexible trip. With prior arrangement when you book you can request verious option but this needs to be done well in advance so we can prepare the correct tackle.

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As standard we provide spinning tackle for bottom fishing, on request we can rovide traditional KP Reels. Shark Fishing in Durban For the brave at heart we also offer Shark fishing where you can battle your strength and wits against some of the Indian oceans greatest predators. Please ask for this option in advance so we can be prepared.

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All our shark fishing is strictly catch and release No Experience Don't worry we will show you the ropes and assist you all the way. Our range of trips are 5hrs, 6hrs, 8hrs, 10hrs, 12hrs Rates and Trips Based at Wilsons Wharf Marina in the Durban harbour, our boat is easily accessible with the walk on moorings, and after a longs day at sea there are restaurants, pubs, shops and rest rooms. Please understand that there is no Guarantee that we will get Fish, bad days happen, we can only assure you of our best efforts at all times.

Otherwise we would call it catching and not fishing.

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We have a good reputation, and good scatch rates off Durban, our list of many satisfied clients can bear testament to this. Our Deep Sea Fishing trips in Durban are very popular as they are flexible according to the season and what you want, with Hook up fishing charters durban fishing, bottom fishing on the reefs, shark fishing available along with various styles of fishing like vertical jigging, spinning, live bait drifting, bottom fishing with bait and trolling available.

Durban Deep Sea Fishing Charters, South Africa Deep Sea Fishing in Durban has a large variety of species that one can target throughout the year, there are many reef species available for bottom fishing throughout the year as the seasons change along with the game fish species, with Durban's good weather one can go fishing all year round. Bottom Fishing in Durban, South Africa Reef Fishing for Bottom Fish Hook up fishing charters durban Durban is available throughout the year, bottom fishing is best in the winter months and in the summer months a mix of game fishing and bottom fishing on a charter.

Deep Sea Fishing for Family in Durban, South Africa Deep Sea Fishing is an outdoor activity for all, young and old, men and woman, it is an activity that the whoile family can enjoy, we can offer all our trips in a family or kids format so all can enjoy, no expereince is required and we will help you all the way, we won't get upset if you tangle the lines or lose a fish, the trip is for your enjoyment and an ideal way for couples to spend quality time outdoors. Shark Fishing in Durban, South Africa With many Shark Species around there is never a shortage and one can test thier strength against one of the oceans apex preadtors, our shark fishing is strictly catch and release and we also only use circle hooks when fishing for them.

Deep Sea Fishing Charters in Durban, South Africa With a wide variety of species around as the seasons change one can use various methods to catch fish like bait fishing, live bait drifting, trolling, vertical jigging, micro jigging, drop shot, spinning and fly fishing there are so many options available to anglers on thier deep sea fishing trip in Durban, be sure to mention you preferences in advance when making your booking so we can be prepared or we will provide our standard trip on the day. Deep Sea Fishing for Bottom Fish in Durban South Africa A huge variety of bottom fish are able to be caught on a deep sea fishing trip in Durban and one will be amazed at the diversity of reef fish in our waters.

Durban Deep Sea Fishing, South Africa With so much variety of fish and a wide area to fish in Durban we are able to offer a wide range of deep sea fishing trips to suit your needs with trips suited for family and kids, fun fishing trips like, Harbour Fishing, Backline Fishing, Inshore Fishing and Mid Deep Sea Fishing or for those that want something more serious like our Deep Sea Fishing, Game Fishing, Bottom Fishing, Shark Fishing, Tuna Fishing and Marlin Fishing, check out our website for all the options available. Deep Sea Fishing in Durban is for all, South Africa Deep Sea Fishing in Durban is not just for men, it is for anyone young and old alike and a great outdoor activity for women, children, families and anyone that wants to enjoy the great weather and outdoors.

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Durban Deep Sea Fishing Charters, South Africa On our Standard Deep Sea Fishing Trip one can experience both Game Fishing and Bottom Fishing as when leaving the Port of Durban we troll out towards the reefs in search of Game Fishing and then we stop and do Bottom Fishing on the reefs, after this we again troll back for another chance at getting a game fish, each trip is a little different as the conditions of the day will dictate ezactly what we do.

Deep Sea Fishing for Sharks in Durban, South Africa With a good Shark population in Durban there is a very good chance at catching a Shark in Durban, whilst the Shark baits are out one can also drift live baits, do some jigging and spinning or some bottom fishing to keep busy whilst waiting. All our Shark Fishing is strictly catch and release in Durban and we use circle hooks for catching Sharks. All articles, text, pictures, photographs, diagrams, artwork and images on this website are the intellectual property of the author and may not be copied, used, distributed or reproduced without the express permission and consent of the author.

Hook up fishing charters durban

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