Had sex with grandma

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Source: www. Listen to Article. The year-old says he finds it extremely difficult to desist from the act. The shocking of how a year-old who has been in an amorous sexual relationship with his year-old grandmother for the past 5 years has left residents of New Juaben Municipality of the Eastern Region spellbound. Sampson Lartey [not real name] who developed the habit of masturbating after his colleagues introduced him to the act, revealed that he was at one point in time caught in the act by his grandmother.

He claims his grandmother used that information to blackmail him into having sex with her. Subsequently, he began sleeping with his grandmother.

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He was 18 at the time. I lived with my grandmother when I was fourteen My parents were not in the country by then, so I spent a lot of years with my grandmother. She took care of me just like her son, and gave me the best of education. It was vacation, I was inside my room masturbating. The pleasure in the act made me forget that I had not locked the door. Half through the process, my grandmother who wanted to send me on an errand suddenly opened the door.

There I was, masturbating. She had caught me in the act. I felt very ashamed and dirty. She closed the door gently without saying a word. Days after the incident, the cordial relationship that existed between my grandmother and myself froze. I panicked anytime my eyeballs met with hers. Had sex with grandma had my nerves loosened.

What have I done to myself? I quizzed over and over again. I gathered courage and went to my grandmother; I apologized to her for the mess I have created. She told me right in the face that, what I have done is a great offense and she finds it very difficult to forgive me.

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My heart was bleeding after she made these pronouncements. I was sobbing. She could sense I was frustrated and had regretted ever doing that," he narrated. He continued, "She drew me closer to herself and asked me to calm down. She assured not to tell anyone about what happened and made me promise her it is not going to happen again.

I felt very excited. At least I can feel at ease at home," he said. Describing how his first sexual act with his grandmother happened, Lartey said he succumbed to lust after walking in on his 'naked' grandmother on his way back home from an errand.

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I knocked at her door and she ordered me in. When I entered, what I saw was scary. I saw the nakedness of my grandmother. She asked me to come closer to her since I was stunned beside the door. It took a long pause but I eventually went closer. I had a feeling I knew what was going to happen, but curiosity took me there. Even though I knew it was erroneous for me to do that, I proceeded anyway. I felt very confused and frustrated but that did not stop me from making love to my grandmother after one act led to the other.

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He lamented. Lartey says he regrets the act with his grandmother saying the situation has cost him his relationship with his girlfriend. As a result, my girlfriend has decided to call it quits since I do not give her the necessary attention, care and love anymore". He added that despite feeling guilty about the act which has also led to a decline in his academic performance, he finds it extremely difficult to desist from it. My grades are getting worse as the day goes by and all what I think about is my grandmother but nothing else.

I feel very guilty for everything I have been doing with my grandmother. Latest News. General News of Sunday, 30 July Source: www. our Newsletter.

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Had sex with grandma

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