Guys french kiss

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For some reason, french kissing always sounds like such a "young" thing to do. Adults rarely talk about going somewhere to park, so they can make out or French for a few hours.

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Everyone just wanted to touch stuff and tell their friends. Keep your lips parted slightly — just enough that a tongue could work its way inside, if it wanted to — and go from there. Think of french kissing like giving your partner a massage. You work your way up to it. You get things ready. You start soft and gradually introduce more and more pressure — the same rules apply for frenching.

Same rule applies for oral sex.

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Biting is a no-no It will almost certainly go wrong. Your tongues should circle around each other, touch gently. You work up a momentum together, going from fast motions to slow, languorous patterns. Break it off, kiss his lips gently, tease him, make him anticipate you coming back into the embrace. This is supposed to be hot AF. Take breaks, dart in and out, have him work for it. That means a lot of pre-kissing brushing and flossing, and you might want to think about your date night activities too.

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You also have to remember what to do with the rest of your body. And pay attention to your hands. You can start with rubbing his back, but, as you get into it, feel free to let your hands roam.

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If you have a trusting relationship, you can even hold his face in your hands, cradling it while you kiss. Tom Burns is a husband, a dad, and a veteran of the educational publishing industry, living just outside of Detroit Rock City. After years of obsessing about what his daughter was reading, he founded Building-a-Library, a website devoted to helping parents find the right books for their.

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Guys french kiss

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Guys: do you like french kissing?