Great songs to dedicate to a girl

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If I'm good at singing I should sing that song to some girl who I was best friends with at a young age. Directioner or not it is still extremely sweet how can you turn down a guy who sings this to you? Perfect if you like a girl named Michelle it would be lovely. You can always switch out names I got dared to sing Hey There Nathaniel to a friend.

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I rarely step out of the '40s-'70s when it comes to music, but I make an exception for this song. I fell in love with him and his song when I was on preschool I always thought he was singing it to me. Fell in love with him because of this song. I don't know why so many girls get so hot when they hear this song, it dose nothing for me and I'm a girl.

Who knows maybe she'll the song I know I would. My dad's a DJ, but he couldn't make it for my friend's Halloween party so he put me a fifteen year old in charge of the whole shabang. I had recently acquired a girlfriend that I like VERY much and as I was scrolling through his songs I saw this song that I had fell in love with when I heard it on the radio and decided that it was a perfect opportunity to get a first dance with her.

As the current song came to an end, I faded Perfect by Ed Sheeran in and all of my friends went ballistic, she couldn't but smile. We both stood we were on opposite sides of the roomand once we reached each other, we danced like no one was watching, even social media proved otherwise because everyone got it on film. We watched a horror movie later that night and she cuddled with me the entire time. It truly was perfect. I want my boyfriend to sing this song to me in the future and I want Perfect to be dedicated to me and my boyfriend.

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This song just hits the feels and it makes a girls heart melt and it makes a girl get the feels and it also tugs her heartstrings. It deserves to be higher. This one is kind of averted more like something a girl should sing to a guy but the song is so sweet.

It is describing the mistakes he made and his regrets, a wonderful way to get a girl. This song will blow your dream girl's heart. I love this song when I here it it is like you can't say I will not sing it but you will. Trust me as a girl I know that if guy comes up to me with an acoustic guitar and sings this song to me with it beutiful romantic lyrics, I would marry him instantly. Your girl will love to know that "There's gonna be one less lonely girl". The Top Ten. Because I know this song Thanks again goggle. So innocent and honest. So lovely and touching!

This song is so good Just the way she is. They all love this song.

Great songs to dedicate to a girl

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Best songs to dedicate to Girlfriend Or listen while You are in Love