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Get ready for a little Twist and Shout and other fresh beats.

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The Fresh Beat Band — music superstars to young children and their parents — plan to dance and sing their way to your heart. Hobson: laughing It was probably a backhanded compliment. I wanted to be an adult so badly. A nice mixture of old and new on my phone. Hobson: A pleasant surprise. It validates the mission statement of our creators. Hobson: We all have at least one thing that we bring along. I actually have a teddy bear, his name is Mr. Ferguson Bear.

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I take him with me because he was a gift years ago and he sits on my bed. I put him on my bed on the tour bus. Hobson: Fall tour of We went ziplining at the zoo there, which was really awesome. Our hotel was right on the beach, which was beautiful.

Everyday, I get to speak to people who allow me to live my dream. I can respond to them in real time and thank them for coming to the concert. We were just on a soundstage making a TV show for Nickelodeon.

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Fans reach out to us. Now I know their stories. I know why they watch it. For example, it gets their daughter through chemotherapy. Like the kids we do this for, I discovered how much I love music.

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I never thought about singing outside of musical theater. Now, I sing all over the country.

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Info: Call or visit kingcenter. For more on the band, visit freshbeatbandlive. Follow Tommy on Twitter: tommyhobson. Facebook Twitter .

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