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Bakersfield California is in the southern part of the state that seems to have perfect weather all of the time. The area is pretty diverse, with oil producing regions and agricultural regions nearby.

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There are also many other types of industry and plenty of white collar jobs as well. Bakersfield singles who are out on a date will find plenty to do in the area to keep them entertained.

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If you love country music as much as some other residents of the area do then you should take your date over to Buck Owens Crystal Palace. It was constructed by Buck Owens, a famous musician from Bakersfield who had many 1 hits on the charts in his hey day.

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He created the place to be a more high class place where country music could be performed, as opposed to the smoky and dingy bars he was used to performing in. It has tons of exhibits on geology, anthropology and even paleontology so you can see a lot of interesting things about dinosaurs and how our earth and cultures were formed.

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