Focus groups in dallas tx

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Several years ago I got a call from a market researcher who was looking for people who had bought a Subaru Outback recently. They wanted me to participate in a small two hour focus group after work. What a deal! I showed up, ate a sandwich, had a few soft drinks and gave my two cents about what I liked and didn't like about my Subaru. There was a professional moderator and about 8 other participants. A few months later a got a call and they wanted me to come in and participate in a focus group about some new Showtime cable program.

What an easy way to make money.

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I figured that I'd try to find more of these market research companies and try to get invited to as many of these as possible. Here's a link to someone who has made a career out of participating in focus groups. I'm in Atlanta but I've put together a Free List of paid focus groups in various cities around the country. Below is the list for Dallas, Texas.

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Sincerely, Tim Maitski Atlanta Communities www. Also get paid to do online surveys. She has a list of hundreds of companies, a great set of tips, and even a forum .

Focus groups in dallas tx

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