Faith in love

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As a single person, I often have that visceral reaction to said holiday in February. Sometimes I wonder why I react that way. You see, I hate risk.

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Frankly, as much as I say I feel lonely sometimes, when it comes down to it, being alone feels easier—or at least safer —than letting someone in. So faith is the concrete action that aligns with a belief in something greater than self. Connection is the purpose of our existence, and we must risk pain with the belief that caring for someone is worthwhile, no matter the outcome.

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That belief helps us have the courage to step into that place of uncertainty. We cultivate connection by moving forward in relationships with people and working on issues that come up in the process. I told the boy I liked him…and then immediately panicked. I need more time.

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How do I know if I can trust him? The uncertainty and vulnerability of that first step was almost too much for me to handle. I was grateful for loving friends that talked me out of running away and helped me feel my way through the pain to address the core issue. Getting at the root of those problems that block connection requires faith that facing the pain will get you where you want to be.

The ability to exercise faith is certainly influenced by the character of the person in whom you place your faith. I find that my faith in God, He who never turns away, gives me the foundation I need to be able to exercise my faith in relationships with other people. The strength of my relationship with Him determines how much I am able to stay open and vulnerable Faith in love other people, because if I base my worth and security off my inherent worth as His child, I can weather the storms of relationships with less perfect beings. And so I move forward. Ariel Szuch is a word nerd, writer, and compulsive reader who finds purpose in a life of faith.

By Ariel Szuch, FaithCounts. Does reading about faith inspire you? Do you have a story or information about your faith you want to share?

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Faith in love

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When You’re Losing Faith In Love And Need Something To Hold Onto