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Thailand is known as a digital nomad hub. Expats from dozens of nationalities call the country home, and not just those with location-independent jobs. However, while one of the main draws of the country is the cheap economy, living in Thailand can cost a fortune.

Many Thai dwellings are little more than a one-room shelter with no utilities or amenities. Some spartan condos can also be rented for this price.

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Your amenities will be anything from just the basics a room and bathroom to a luxury dwelling with modern facilities kitchen facilities, pool, gym, spa, etc. The quality is usually quite good.

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Then there are drinks. These prices double or triple if you buy the drink at a restaurant. Similarly, if you want to buy food in a market to bring home, you can lose a fortune purchasing western food. Ask the Thais where they get their produce and tag along if you really want to save money.

Thai Transportation Transportation can cost a fortune simply for not knowing the tricks of the trade.

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Aside from it being illegal for both the driver and youthey will charge you anywhere from 2 to 10 times the metered fare. Similarly, long-distance travel within Thailand varies greatly. For the same price, you can end up on a mosquito-infested, sweltering bus with babies crying and following a dubious schedule.

You can also pay three times that price for an even poorer experience. With the train, you get what you pay for. You just might have to ask around to find the best deals, as they change constantly and seem to be guarded secrets. Attractions in Thailand Thailand capitalizes on the tourism industry, and attractions across the country are 2 to 5 times more expensive for foreigners as they Expat living in thailand blog for locals. Waterfalls, aquariums, museums and other activities all follow this pattern.

Some attractions have entrepreneurial locals who have taken advantage of the location to make a bit of money for survival. However, there are plenty of attractions in Thailand which are completely free. If you need your hotel room, three Western meals a day and let taxis take advantage of you, bring your Platinum Visa. The country is amazing and unique in many ways, and also a great place to start traveling in if you have yet to leave your home country.

Bangkok is shaping up to be a world class city, and already receives over 15 million visitors annually, keeping it in the top five most visited cities in the world. Koh Chang is beautiful but without the flocks of tourists. Chiang Mai is an up-and-coming modern city.

Pai is a hippie community.

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The list goes on. The food alone is reason enough to visit Thailand.

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There are waterfalls, caves, hot springs, elephant sanctuaries, zip lines, national forests, lakes, rivers, you name it. The cities have temples and museums, amusement parks and shopping malls Central World in Bangkok is third biggest mall in the world. Looking for more info on this subject? Skye is an adventure blogger photographing the world, eating good food and helping travelers everywhere. He started SkyeTravels. He's always looking for the next adventure. Great article. Indeed the beauty of Thailand is that you can survive with a little amount of money.

Food is definitely very affordable local food but I guess for Westerners, you might need to pay a bit extra if you want to eat non-local food. I love Thailand! Accommodations Famous Pai Circus Hostel. Related posts:. The Thanksgiving turkey trot to find an oven.

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Finding Luggage Storage Solutions for Travelers. About The Author Skye Class Skye is an adventure blogger photographing the world, eating good food and helping travelers everywhere. Tags: budgetbudget travelthailandbudget travel tipsexpat. One Response Ariena June 12, Hi Skye!

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Expat living in thailand blog

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