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I was thrilled to hear he was playing at the Rogers Centre in Toronto for 2 nights!

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The stage had a very unique setup, featuring a video wall that protruded out over the stage, accompanied by video screens on both sides of the massive setup. Unlike the finely polished album versions of each song, Sheeran explained he needs to create each track on the album live and put it on a loop, before he can begin playing his acoustic guitar over it.

This made for a thrilling experience to watch, as he performed his craft song-after-song throughout the evening.

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As expected, a huge eruption from the crowd sounded. The act provided some brief levity, but also fueled the feeling within the stadium that fans were much closer to the performance than they truly were.

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Over the course of the show, Sheeran stopped to talk with the crowd on multiple occasions. He took each of these opportunities to connect with all of us in attendance. These chats ranged from him talking about stage fright, and how singing along to his favorite songs often resulted in drawing blanks to lyrics. He also jokingly thanked all the boyfriends and husbands in the crowed for accompanying their girls at the show. At the end of the night, the packed stadium filed out from what was certainly one of the most memorable shows of the year.

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Bring the kids, this was a fun and enjoyable show for fans of all ages. Music Connection Magazine. Tags Ed Sheeran photo blog show reviews.

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