Due ulife is too short not tooo all

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For the accuser of our brothers, he who day and night accused them before our God, is overthrown. But woe to you, earth and sea, for the Devil has come down to you in great fury, knowing that his time is short! The loud voice proclaims the present experience of salvation and the kingdom of God, even the authority of Christ—the only time this phrase is used in the book of Revelation.

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There is victory at the description of the thrown-down dragon, and rejoicing at the cleansing of the heavenly realm. But even as the hymn declares the victory of those who have conquered by the blood of the Lamb, there is also the hint of human cost. Before the actions of the dragon in Revelation 13 are revealed to the reader, a hymn celebrates the inevitable defeat of violence.

Before he starts, he is finished. And yet, the great dragon has great wrath He will call forth a beast to him in his violence and coercion and deception—a beast from the sea to whom the dragon will give authority4. The beast attempts to usurp authority. Whose authority do our actions reflect day by day? What songs must I sing in response to the authority of Christ? How do such songs move me to act with a love for others that is greater than love of my own life to the point of death?

COVID lays bare the genocidal practices of social systems that are embedded in our everyday lives. The greatest health pandemic the world has seen in the last years has also occasioned an awakening of the pandemic within the pandemic, racism. As Christians living under the authority of Christ how do we live in the here-and-now-but-not-yet when our experiences in the world are so radically different?

That faith must be rejected and replaced. What it means for me to love my neighbor at the expense of my own life, means something completely different for you. Cuban theologian Miguel A. The YLP demonstrates how salvation is not hope the kind that is a cruel aspiration for change or a world to comesalvation is esperanza. What we learn from the YLP is that when waiting does not translate into meeting the material needs of the people, faithfulness is an action on my own behalf for the sake of my survival and the survival of my community.

Cursing, so long as the curse words are directed to systemic evil or emotions arising from the experience of living, in those systems summarize the message of his book. No word better captures our deepest desires, today. Victory over this pandemic, victory over structural racism, victory over economic depression. We want victory, and we want it now! What kind of victory is it, when so much suffering remains? Can we trust in the promise of ultimate victory, while still surrounded by the effects of penultimate bondage?

Perhaps only if we conform our idea of victory to the norm presented in the text. The Cross. We do not have that power, ourselves. But we can witness to it by our solidarity with the powerless, and our active speaking up on behalf of the voiceless. This is a decidedly different view of victory. I write this on Juneteenth. Imagine, for all those years, freed, but still a slave! This did not need to happen. It was a tragedy. There are dreams and then there are dreams.

The writer of Revelation had seven dreams. Bible students say John had seven visions. Here all that matters is measurable. Here we look to what has been. Here ethics is fully naturalized. Here dreams and visions die.

The natural world is lawful. The dream state presents us with scenes that are not coherent. And when the incoherence is exaggerated, we call those visions nightmares. Clearly, the fourth and central vision of John was nightmarish. Fighting dragons, sea monsters, vicious land beasts, enticing, but dangerous prostitutes all work together to seduce, deceive and coerce a simple woman and her descendants.

Kobe Bryant with his family and friends are killed in a tragic helicopter crash. COVID airborne virus has infected nearly ten million people worldwide and claimed the lives of nearly five hundred thousand. Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin, in an utter display of weakness, pinpointed his knee on the neck of George Floyd killing Due ulife is too short not tooo all dreams and visions of a nonexistent possibilities.

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The state of this world is a real living nightmare. Yet, God has dreamed possibilities for it that are no less real. We are called to saintly patience. That means 1 thou shall not be seduced by this world, 2 thou shall not be deceived by this world, and 3 thou shall not surrender your vision for a world of righteousness and peace, even when the knee of worldly power tries to coerce it out of your sight.

This is Christian faithfulness.

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Due ulife is too short not tooo all

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In Times of Pandemic: Being Vigilant in Victory