Drug testing teachers uk

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Your Name:. Address: you will also be ed a Cc: [carbon copy] of this message. It was the first time the blind climber had ever attempted a route of the grade. Drug testing for teachers. New Topic Reply to Topic. This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings. Bimble 31 Jan Good idea or bad idea? Jon Stewart 31 Jan In reply to TryfAndy: Ridiculous. A good way to lose lo of good teachers from the profession. Pursued by a bear 31 Jan In reply to TryfAndy: Well, I'd need some strong medication if I had to face a class of adolescents every day. Will they recommend appropriate ones?

Unless they're teaching pupils how to operate nuclear reactors by hand. In reply to TryfAndy: Testing for cannabis seems a bit daft. Certainly for teachers. Very few of even the sternest tokers smoke during working hours. That said, a large proportion of teachers and nurses that I have met are majors fiends. But excel at their jobs nevertheless. The inference of what Hogan-Howe said seems to be to reduce demand rather than protect children.

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Anyone whose negligence could endager the lives of lots of kids eg coach drivers would seem to be a more rational target. Morning tests for alcohol would arguably do more to protect children rather than augment the rozzers' KPIs. Banned User 77 31 Jan In reply to iksander: That's my view on it. If there's an issue with performance, then drug or alcohol issues should be looked at on an individual basis, but as a blanket test, I find the concept wholly intrusive.

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It seems Hogan-Howe is a little miffed that people aren't paying attention to the nonsense they are told about drugs and are carrying on not giving a toss about drug laws, so he's going to try and be a vindictive little shit and force them do what he wants anyway. I don't see how testing can take place in all occupations as he wants it to either; I'm self-employed, so who'd test me?

The state? In reply to TryfAndy: Good idea in a police state. Dauphin 31 Jan In reply to TryfAndy: He will mix with all these security types from risk management companies like Kroll etc. No doubt he is on the payroll Drug testing teachers uk a couple as a consultant.

It is a billions of dollars industry in the U. Still it does nothing to stem the appetite for Americans to get spazzed out on whatever they can get there hands on. Fat Bumbly2 31 Jan In reply to Dauphin: This would have worried me prewhen Plod asked, Plod got. Still very unpleasant and offensive though. How about senior polis being hooked up to lie detectors? OK I know they don't work, but it is just as offensive an idea. Dafydd Llywelyn 31 Jan In reply to TryfAndy: Sounds like a shocking idea, what people get up to on the weekend is of their business, especially if it doesn't effect their performance at work.

Morning alcohol tests however, sound like a cracking, if scary idea I think a lot of people would fail that one! Albert Tatlock 31 Jan SI - profile removed 31 Jan In reply to TryfAndy: Stupid and pointless and a waste of time and money. Graeme G 31 Jan In reply to TryfAndy: From the responses here OK, hardly representative but still seems like with drugs, most people see it as a law they should have the right to break.

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What does that say about the law? In reply to Albert Tatlock: Not compulsary. In reply to off-duty: If this country should decide, surely that should be in the form of a vote by the people such a law would affect? And if such a scheme did come into force nationwide, what would happen to those then made unemployed by failing the tests because they refuse to stop taking something they themselves know isn't harmful to them?

In reply to off-duty: If asked they are compulsary. For me it should be Drug testing teachers uk of a medical. Some forces undertake no testing at all. In reply to Jon Stewart: So maybe the solution is to highlight the contradiction you say exists by proposing a method of enforcing the law like random drugs testing and precipitate a debate or decision on what the country wants In reply to TryfAndy: I just don't think its a big enough of an issue to spend millions and millions on.

It's also not a straight forwards answer. So their status is justified, what level is debateable. By 'talk sense'. In reply to off-duty: A referendum would ensure that everyone got their voices heard, not just the politicians who are too spineless to even consider discussing changing drug policy. And those subject to random drug testing chose to do those jobs that entail them. If every job had testing, then that's not exactly a choice is it, it's people being forced to either not take drugs in their own time or keep their jobs.

In reply to off-duty: Wouldn't that depend on the level of testing? Also compulsory testing for any involved in questionable incidences. In reply to TryfAndy: They have discussed it many times. Thrudge 31 Jan In reply to Jon Stewart: I don't think it will ever happen. I do see an argument personally, and it's a strong argument, but there is also a strong argument against and for now I think there are bigger issues to get on with. In reply to IainRUK: Oh indeed, there are much bigger issues in the UK than whether owning a bit of dried plant should be illegal or not. It's just that by making it illegal, a whole load of normal, decent hard-working people are being criminalised for nothing.

Just because drugs might be harmful, that does not automatically mean that the best way to manage the harm caused is by prohibition. In fact, the more harmful, the better the regulation should be - we manage it with Prescription Only Medicines.

In reply to TryfAndy: Isn't that why personal use of some drugs is almost decriminalised now? Morgan Woods 31 Jan In reply to Morgan Woods: Wow. I'm either way. I can just see both arguments and I'm not sure thats been comprehensively demonstrated. KevinD 31 Jan We could listen to the people who have done the studies and assessed the risk?

In reply to off-duty: Perhaps Drug testing teachers uk should clarify my position. I am a teacher. I don't use illegal drugs. I would test clean. That is not the point. I just did a quick google and found papers supporting each view. Pan Ron 31 Jan In reply to TryfAndy: What an idiot. There is a sense of community here, that enforcement is creating a particular type of community. In reply to David Martin: Que? In reply to David Martin: I said link. For sure. For some reason a of you seem to think I stand on one side of the argument.

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I don't at all. If an employer is to have a drug testing programme it should be to ensure the drug use is not causing a safety hazard or unacceptable performance, not because they are illegal. In reply to IainRUK: Apologies if the tone came across as aggressive, certainly not intended personally.

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It's an issue that really frustrates me because it's absolutely blindingly obvious that there is no rational argument for the prohibition of recreational drugs. A rational argument has to shows that one policy is better than the alternative. There is no debate at this level on drugs, and there can't ever be, because it would involve powerful people admitting they were wrong, and ordinary people having to readjust their views such that their comfortable but illogical reasoning was replaced with something rational.

Those at the top are going to have to turn into the wind first, and there's nothing in it for them. In reply to TryfAndy: Don't worry, not you! I just see some negatives. I am anti-drugs myself, but I do drink and do think people should have the choice to poison their own bodies how they feel fit. But with a Tory government i don't think we'll see any shift to look for an answer.

Bad idea. We should only screen teachers for being shitty at teaching. Oh I see.

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So it was a police commissioner suggesting this. I hope this doesn't get any traction. It's pathetic to go to this extreme of both invasion of peoples lives and expenditure of money, to attempt to curb such a trivial crime. Something that many reasonably argue shouldn't be any more or less of a crime than alcohol or tobacco. I find it distressing that this guy has power, and I question his critical thinking if he is making statements like this.

Perhaps he has confused his position, perhaps he's forgotten he is a servant.

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Drug testing teachers uk

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Scottish teachers hit out over new tests for alcohol and drug use