Drug reagent test kit

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Medically supervised drug checking services, such as pill testing at music festivals, remain a hot topic. However, there are other legal ways you can test drugs for purity and to find out what they actually contain. It is legal in Australia to purchase pill and drug testing kits through the authorised distributor of Ez-Tests pill testing kits, Ez-Test Australia. You can also buy multi-use reagent testing kits through Drug Policy Australia.

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The company offers presumptive drug and pill testing kits. The company offers testing kits for a wide range of substances such as ecstasy, cocaine, Ketamine, methamphetamine, heroin and other opiates. You can see the full range, with prices, here.

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You can also purchase the test kits from select retail stores across the country. See the list here. While seeking to offer tools to reduce the harms associated with rug use, the company does not condone illicit drug use and notes that there is no such thing as a safe drug use. Drug Policy Australia is a national drug policy advocate promoting new ideas, approaches and policies to improve public health relating to the use of all forms of psychoactive drugs in Australia.

They are a registered Health Promotion Charity. All profits from this store help fund our efforts to advocate and promote evidence-based drug policies that reduce the harm caused by illicit drugs.

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Much safer and economical than cheaper, 'one-hit' tests that only test for one substance. Doing multiple test with difference reagents allows a higher degree of accuracy to determine the substance and possible adulterants. Each Pill Testing Kit contains enough reagent for approximately tests.

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Chemicals are stable at room temperature and and can be stored for 3 years. For more information about Drug Policy Australia and their kits visit their website here. Our services.

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The new EZ Test range of presumptive testing kits. No more confusing, time consuming and impractical sample analysis.