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It is not very often that you get to see an individual walking a Blue Nose Pit Bull. These dogs are as rare as Painite or even Alexandrite in the world of gems. As rare as Blue Nose Pit Bull terriers are, they still share the same physical characteristics and temperaments as any other American Pit Bull terrier. Sadly, this also includes the not-so-pleasant reputation that the breed has come to be known for. It is no secret that some governments ban the breeding of APBTs.

But like any other dog that has been given ill reputation, there are way too many misconceptions about the Blue Nose Pit Bull. Hopefully, this article will help you gain a better understanding of the breed and become better-informed whether this is a good dog to have for your family or not. The dog originated from the British Isles sometime in the late 18 th to early 19 th century when bear baiting and bull baiting were favorite bloodsport events across the UK.

These dogs are considered the direct ancestors of modern-day American Pit Bull Terriers. They were a lot easier to conceal from the law, too, especially since the UK already began outlawing animal bloodsport activities by Champions in the dog fighting arena were used in the breeding of more powerful, stronger, and more athletic Pit Bull terriers. Some were also bred as livestock drover dogs while a few became family companions.

Many of the family companion-bred American Pit Bull terriers eventually became successful in their new role as companion dogs and therapy dogs. A lot of celebrities today have American Pit Bull terriers as pets and they can attest to its gentle nature and mild temperament. First it was Daddy. Both have shown their mild temperament even when faced with more aggressive, more behaviorally-challenged dogs. One can surely appreciate just how maligned these dogs are every time you watch Junior make friends with any dog. It is very much an APBT except that its nose, Dog pitbull blue nose, toenails, and even eyes have a blue hue.

This is where your knowledge of genetics comes in. The colors blue and red are considered recessive genes that will only manifest if both parents of the puppy carry the same kind of gene. The Blue Nose Pit Bull can be an adorable breed, especially when trained by and in the company of someone who truly understands the unique nature of the breed. For obvious reasons, the Blue Nose Pit Bull is not for everyone.

When properly trained, the Blue Nose Pit Bull can be an excellent family dog. It loves to please its owners, making them exceptionally easy to train. They are highly intelligent dogstoo. Teach them well and you will be rewarded with one of the Dog pitbull blue nose and even-tempered dogs on the planet. They respond very well to positive reinforcement training methods where they are rewarded for every correct or desirable behavior that they show.

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Basic obedience training is a must, but you will easily find that this is not enough. It is okay to be firm and assertive in your training methods, but these should always be tempered with gentleness. Punish a BNPB and it will grow less friendly towards other people and other animals.

The BNPB is a large dog. Additionally, its high energy levels also mean that a calorie-dense, high quality dog food is more effective than one with fewer calories on a per-serving basis. This is also to help minimize bloat which is quite common among large breeds of dog. For an average-sized Dog pitbull blue nose of about 60 pounds, you will need to give about 1, to 1, calories per day. This can be divided into two meals or even three especially since this dog is quite prone to obesity. You can increase the amount of food intake if your Blue Nose Pit Bull is very active.

But if your Blue Pittie happens to be a couch potato, then you should definitely reduce its caloric intake. Blue Nose Pit Bulls love to jump. It is one of those skills that they have acquired through the years of trying to bring down an animal much bigger than them. They are known to be especially proficient at climbing walls as well as jumping over fences. Their powerful hind legs enable them to propel themselves to greater heights in pretty much the same way as a frog would use its hind legs to jump far and high.

This alone means that the Blue Nose Pit Bull will require plenty of exercise.

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It is not enough that you walk it for a measly 15 to 20 minutes every day. At the very minimum, the Blue Nose Pit Bull will require 60 minutes of brisk walking two times a day. Mental games should also be made an integral part of its daily exercise regimen. The Blue Nose Pit Bull is an intelligent dog. When exercising, it is best to keep your Blue Nose Pit Bull on a leash.

It is also important to always bring its bottle of water and bowl to keep it hydrated. Its muscles tend to overheat a lot faster when it exercises. Criminal elements often use these dogs to protect their lair. It is one of those breeds of dog that are often misunderstood and misused.

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They only become aggressive in the hands of a breeder or a dog owner who values violence and aggression over love and compassion. Like any other animal, groom a Blue Nose Pit Bull into a mean fighter and it will readily enter any gladiator ring. This underscores the need for early socialization. They love playing with children. They have high levels of energy to play with children all day long. They can be especially friendly with other pets, too, despite what other people will tell you. The key is to socialize them as puppies.

This makes it super easy to mold them into the kind and gentle dogs that they truly are.

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American Pit Bulls tend to shed quite a lot, but not as heavy as other breeds. This is despite them having relatively short coat. On the bright side, they are very easy to groom, super low-maintenance. They still need regular brushing so you can maintain the natural shine of their coat. Once weekly brushing as well as occasional bathing is often enough.

Clipping the nails at least once a month is crucial.

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Brushing their teeth is also important and this can be done at least twice a week. Checking and cleaning the ears should also be made as integral part of their grooming regimen. Check out some of our dog grooming guides, such as dog toothbrushdog toothpastedog wipesdog bathtub and dog nail clippers. Hip dysplasiaallergies, heart diseases, and hypothyroidism are quite common among Blue Nose Pit Bulls. Some are also prone to immune system disorders as well as problems in the nervous system.

Other diseases common in Blue Nose Pit Bulls can include mange, alopecia, and cataracts. The Blue Nose Pit Bull is highly advised to individuals and families who….

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Contrary to what the media wants you to believe, Blue Nose Pit Bulls, like any other American Pit Bull Terrier, are very agreeable pets provided they are trained and socialized properly and early in their lives. They are non-threatening companions that will love you until its last breath. Its passion for life can only be surpassed by very few dog breeds. Sadly, it also takes with it the unwarranted ill-reputation of pit bulls in general. But if you truly understand what it needs and are prepared to meet them wholeheartedly, the Blue Nose Pit Bull can be your companion for life.

Home Dogs Breeds. PetSide may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article. Learn more. Quick Facts The Blue Nose Pit Bull can be an adorable breed, especially when trained by and in the company of someone who truly understands the unique nature of the breed. Unfortunately, even the UK government has banned ownership of the dog. A male BNPB can stand about 18 to 19 inches while females are usually shorter by an inch or so.

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American Pit Bull Terriers usually tip the scale between 30 and 60 pounds. However, some breeders have been known to produce APBTs that can weigh as much as 85 pounds. The Blue Nose Pit Bull should weigh within this range with the female slightly lighter by several pounds.

The Blue Nose Pit Bull can grow old up to 16 years, although health problems can ificantly reduce this to about They are excellent human companions. While the Blue Nose Pit Bull is friendly to humans, the same cannot be said when talking about their relationship with other dogs. These are high-energy dogs that require plenty of exercises every day. Grooming American Pit Bulls tend to shed quite a lot, but not as heavy as other breeds.

Health Hip dysplasiaallergies, heart diseases, and hypothyroidism are quite common among Blue Nose Pit Bulls. Related Re.

Dog pitbull blue nose

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