Dating the same type of guy

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Every guy that I fall for eventually cheats on me or leaves me for someone else. Why does this keep happening? For starters, they were all attracted to the same princess at some point.

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The common denominator in all of your relationships is you. We tend to gravitate towards people who are strong in areas we are weak. We attract what we already are. Not just with husbands and boyfriends, but in every single relationship that we have.

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Men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are. Both of these phrases are true. Humans have the ability to attract BOTH the opposite and equivalent of who we are at the same time. In order for the two magnets to attract each other, they both have to have magnetic fields which makes them equal. To clarify, two people who have an abusive past will be attracted to each other equals. However, an abuser is not necessarily attracted to another abuser. Although the abusee does not abuse others, there is a familiarity with abuse that already exists in her, making it easy to attract an abuser, without ever disclosing her past.

We are drawn to others based on the needs that are unfulfilled in our lives. But they choose opposite ways to cope. For instance, the Narcissist and the co-dependent both suffer from insecurities and low self-esteem. For instance, introverts are often attracted to extroverts because the extrovert is stronger at speaking up and making necessary connections with others. While the introvert is good at listening, the extrovert is good at talking.

These completely different characteristics force us to work together to get anything done. They complete us. The equivalent attractions create a bond between two people so that the relationship can survive long term. Only then will you attract your ideal mate. In most cases, being better is not a simple as it sounds.

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There may be all kinds of deep-seated spiritual roots yet to be discovered and plucked up. The majority of them will go as far back as childhood and the generations before you. These are generational curses and they can consist of: abuse, divorce, infidelity, addiction, poverty and too many more to name. It hurts to discover family secrets and revisit problems that have been swept under the rug for generations and generations. But, the only way to get to get past it is to go through it. The longer you struggle with it the more challenging it will be to overcome.

All things are possible to him who believes. Mark All of our relationships are teachers. Marcee Woodard is a Christian Counselor, speaker, and blogger. Her mission is to guide women through self-discovery and teach them how to love so that they can attract and keep the relationships they deserve. She is passionate about helping women to get healthy so their relationships will be healthy.

…. How the law of Opposite Equivalence works In order for the two magnets to attract each other, they both have to have magnetic fields which makes them equal. Why are we made this way? Why do you keep attracting the same type of guys?

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Such is life. Mark All of our relationships are teachers. What do women really want? Disclaimer Privacy Policy.

Dating the same type of guy

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Why do I keep attracting the same type of guys?