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I've been trying the online dating thing since October, and now I've finally found someone I'm interested in. This guy and I get on very well, our messages to each other are long and full of interesting topics, some of which highlight the similarities between us.

He asked me out and I am meeting him next Friday. I'm excited but I'm worried about something-I don't think he knows I wear braces. My pictures on my profile for this dating website don't display my braces clearly.

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One reason for this is that I have clear braces which I'd paid a bit more for the wire is still visible though. Now that we've exchanged quite a lot of messages and I feel comfortable that he's interested in me, I Dating sites braces to mention it to him. I don't want him to get a silent shock when he sees me and think "Oh no, I asked a metal-mouth out.

On the other hand, will mentioning it before I meet him make him think I'm insecure or that they are very distinguishable? Because they're not, it's not like that. I just want him to know because it will make me feel more confident when I go to meet him. I would not mind, I mean you are not going to kiss each other on the teeth. It's immature if he laughs at you or reject you over this.

If he likes you, he's not going to care about the braces. If you want to tell him in advance, though, don't make a big deal out of it. Maybe say something like "oh, just so you recognise Dating sites braces, I'll be wearing X and Y, you know what my face looks like, I also wear braces but they're not very visible, what are you planning to wear? I agree with the others. I might only mention it, to make myself less self-conscious. And then, don't make a big deal of it. A casual comment like, "a funny thing happened on the way to the orthadontist I had braces at If you want to tell him just so you feel it's out in the open then go ahead I wouldn't even say a word.

Because if you mention it, he may think or know, rather that you're self-conscious about your braces. And if you come accross as being self-conscious of them, A. If he is interested only in your physical appearance, then he will notice sooner or later, but first of all. You should never show your insecurity about it.

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Not everyone can afford it and secondly, it's NOT ugly. You feel like a victim here because of power of films about the ugly women wearing braces and being rejected. I was wearing braces in my past and I didn't do a big deal out of it. If a guy cares, it's his Dating sites braces and then let him free to find the one without braces.

Be confident. There are plenty of men who don't pay attention and not make a big deal out of it IF YOU don't do a big deal first. Be yourself and check how it goes. If you don't get a 2nd date, it's NOT because of braces, but other factors like your talk, thinking, hygiene, manners, style, values and his maturity level. I don't think you need to mention it and I hope he has no issue with it whatsoever.

Good for you! I also had braces later in life; I got them my junior year of college, and mine weren't the clear kind! I know it can be hard not to be self-conscious about them, but I just always reminded myself of how happy I would be with the finished product.

I wouldn't tell him ahead of time, if I were you. Just go and be proud of who you are!

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I have a feeling it'll all be fine! Oh my goodness, I"m so glad someone else posted this.

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I got mine last may when I had a girlfriend and now that I'm single Ive been wondering the whole thing too. I don't mention it. But I'd rather go thru this and have straight teeth down the road in a few months. Hang in there. I can't wait to eat popcorn again! Thank you guys for your encouragement. Based on what you've said combined with my own nervousness about the first date, I have decided to mention them but in a very brief, not-a-big-deal way so that he is aware of them and so that he is also aware that I'm not shy about them.

As some of you suggested, I'll do it in a humorous way.

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I'll think of how to say it but at the moment I can't think of anything, could you please give me some more suggestions? If he asks you how your day is, just tell him "it's great cause I just had my braces tightened and now must eat ice cream at every meal for 2 straight days Even if you didn't, he'll never know and you'll get it out you have them!

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Although it shouldn't be noteworthy in the least, I would mention it prior to meeting just so he isn't taken aback or feel mislead. I'm sure he won't mind in the least though as it sounds like you have a promising connection already! Good luck for your date! Okay, I know you've already made the decision to tell him and I'm not sure if you've already done so or not Personally, I would wait and near the middle or even maybe close to the beginning of the date I'd probably make a joke and say "so did you notice my braces in my pictures or where they a big shock?!

Then move on with the conversation to something else. I think maybe a message ahead of time just on that topic alone might create attention that really doesn't need to be there. Or "Let's meet on Saturday, I am getting my braces adjusted on Friday and I can show you my new clear braces By susanhelp Started July By CBC Started 20 hours ago. All Activity Home Meeting online date. Meeting online date.

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Picked By kamurj4 hours ago. If you are someone who struggles with binge eating, at some point you are likely to be asking yourself if there are certain foods that you are 'addicted to'. Food addiction is a hotly debated topic and I'm here to thrown in my two pence as usual.

I can only speak from my own experience personal and professional. I see many people's binge eating get worse when they Dating sites braces to give up sugar and yet they also describe a sense of freedom from sugar cravings during periods of abstinence.

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