Dating ibanez pedals

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Fender Stratocaster Guitar Forum. Anyone know how to date vintage Ibanez pedals? Messages: I just got this pedal yesterday that I can buy for 50 bucks if I want it.

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It's a vintage Ibanez FL9 flanger. It's beat up and everything and someone took the sticker off the back with the serial I just want a way to get some kind of idea of when It was made. I'd be happy with a 5 year window it could have Been made in.

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I don't have pictures but I can take some if necessary, but I'd really like to just know how to find it and ill open it up. I already did open it up seeing if Dating ibanez pedals there was a serial in there. Any help appreciated!

And anyone who knows about vintage Ibanez pedals, please drop a line. Last edited: Feb 24, I don't want to shatter your dreams or anything, but I don't see an advantage to "Vintage Pedals". I understand there are people that believe some older pedals sound better than newer ones, and I guess that's ok, but here's my problem with old pedals: Electronic components in the pedal will fail.

The older the pedal, the more likely it is you will have a failure soon. I would recommend finding a new pedal that you like the sound of, and just getting that. Sometimes something older is just old.

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Just because something is old, doesn't necessarily make it vintage. Messages: 4, So from what I've gathered from Feliss' linked and what I googled. The 9 series ts9, fl9,etc. And the fl9 only very recently got reissued so this is at least as old as ' I'm happy with that I don't need specifics, case closed thanks felis for that link it helped a lot.

I wouldn't tell you not to get a pedal you like. If it's the sound you are looking for, and you want to buy it at a good price, go for it. I just wouldn't use the word "Vintage" to describe it. I also would not waste a lot of time trying to figure out when it was made or do a lot of research on it.

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Just take it for what it is, which is an old pedal that you like. Messages: 15, Alright so apparently Im NOT ok with Dating ibanez pedals knowing. Or at least I was ok with it until I found out there's a way to find out!

It was made around the 34th week of ' So that's that now I know! Now it's case closed lol. For anyone finding this thread in the future for help, the best way to date vintage Ibanez pedals is apparently the cap, it has the week and year on it. Also, you should see who your circuit board is made by, a true vintage Ibanez should have a Maxon board. Maxon made all the Ibanez pedals back in the day. If its an Ibanez board, it's most likely a reissue. Age: 51 Messages: 8, I have a TS10 pedal from the late 80s. Look for date codes on the chips. Do some research online.

The info will be pretty much the same. AlienFreak69Feb 25, Analogman has a bunch of dating information on his web site for Tube screamers but it may get you close as to the series and date based on specifics of the case or innards. G MoneyFeb 25, Messages: 1, Well, whenever I want to date an Ibanez, I ask it real nice, and show up with flowers and candy Messages: 23, I too find the "vintage" word kinda hard Dating ibanez pedals swallow when used to refer to stuff that I sold to people during the eighties.

Generally, the Ibanez stuff was very good, trouble free and the Digital Delay stomp box I have had since the mid eighties has never given me any trouble. DadocasterFeb 25, AlienFreak69 likes this. Show Ignored Content. Your name or address: Do you already have an ? Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

Dating ibanez pedals

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Date of Ibanez pedal