Dating black girl london

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Race and romance can be a very contentious topic. Particularly within the realm of colourism, conversations about dating within the black community more often than not lead to divisive spats, as opposed to general resolve.

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Black men in the UK to be more specific. The raging introvert in me shuns any form of social interaction that may lead to the slightest bit of awkwardness. So, I must accept my own part in failing to secure an active dating life.

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However, this article is more about general feelings around the desirability of dark skinned women around the world compared to the UK, than how good I am at pulling. The observation being that black men abroad are more likely to overtly show their interest in darker skinned black women. This is a bold statement, I am well aware of that.

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My friends encouraged me to dating apps during my stay to have fun and meet people. However, what did stick out to me was the differing frame of mind I had when being on dating apps in NY compared to London. A dark skinned black girl just like me.

Jane had embarked on a trip of self-discovery to the Motherland for about a month at the start of the year where she met her current boyfriend.

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They met on a night out and when she first saw him she discarded him as a person of interest, even though she was attracted to him. Turns out he was born and raised in West Africa and well, the rest is history. Unfortunately for us though, this is the kind of sad vetting system we have acquired over time. Compliments about my skin and being told I was beautiful threw me at first. As a traveller you get used to fetishizing remarks disguised as compliments.

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But along with seeing other black women revered in the same light, it felt different, it felt genuine. The compliments were kind and appreciative, the sort that unhinge the corners of your mouth to form a gratuitous smile almost immediately. A far cry from being ignored on all my many nights out in Shoreditch. In other countries I noticed my skin became more attractive depending on the region: in Colombia blackness seemed more celebrated and less of a gimmick in Medellin than in Cartagena. It would be silly on my part to ignore these things but equally as ludicrous to silence these experiences.

However, I can encourage that we do our best to surround ourselves with things and people that reciprocate love, continue to champion representation to better expose the world to different ideas of beauty.

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Dating black girl london

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