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ListsRomance. You know what can be so disappointing with romance anime? The relationship is built up for the ENTIRE series and you get that great kiss or declaration of love, then it just ends. It may not end for a few episodes afterwards, but it is hardly enough time to see any payoff. Sure, they say falling in love is the sweetest part, but sometimes you want a little more. If you want romance series that see a couple that gets together early on and explores their actual relationship, then try these anime series.

Counting both Clannad and After Story, the romance becomes official at the end of the first series. Of course, the first series is also about exploring other potential routes as well. This particular romance series is a gem due to its solid romantic progression from high Dating anime shows and beyond. The main couple gets together rather early, but the interesting bit is that it skips the typical couple drama. It has drama of course, but it is more so personal issues rather than someone trying to break up the main couple.

It is often hard to take My Love Story seriously as a romance because of all the comedy, but it still is one. The main couple get together early on and the story focuses on this gorilla of a man trying to learn to navigate the awkward moments of someone finally being in love with him. While it has some faults in terms of its portrayal of the relationship, Mischievous Kiss does do romantic progression very well. The rest of the series follows them from high school all the way through college in their romantic endeavors.

This Dating anime shows is almost perfect. While it is a short little adventure, the couple is relatively straight with their feelings and you do get everything you would ever want during the credits of the last episode. As a series about a love triangle between sisters and a boy that becomes their stepbrother through marriage, you know this will end in tears for someone.

In fact, it literally starts with a bang and is only a few more episodes before feelings are addressed.

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Considering Keiichi wishes that Belldandy would be his girlfriend forever in the first episode, this series jumps right into things. They are bonded right from the get-go. You watch love truly form knowing that they are already together and will likely always be so. By every right, this series seemed like it would be one of those where the payout only comes at the end. A cool popular boy. A shy main girl. However, thanks to rather straightforward talk from the boy, romance actually happens quite quickly.

While there are some really nice moments of early romance, unfortunately it does turn to some needless drama for a bit there. You know what is so great about romance series about adults rather than high school kids?

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High school may be the time for love, but adults mess around far less. They are more straightforward about feelings, and have opportunities for love, and things in general move a lot faster — as is the case here about love between otaku in the workplace. However, this fake relationship quickly becomes one-sided then pretty official. It moves at quite a decent clip to deal with all the issues that come afterwards. It is a pretty drama-heavy series, but it has a nice enduring relationship. The whole premise of Momokuri is based around how awkward a new relationship can be.

The series starts with a couple that literally just started dating and explores how each decides to play it. Honey and Clover is very much about life as it is about relationships. There are a few different couples going on, but not all of them move in a straight forward direction.

Instead, it is as chaotic as life itself with what happens, but multiple couples makes for exponentially more nice moments. Do you have more anime recommendations where the couples get together early? Let fans know in the comments section below. Founder of Recommend Me Anime. Combine 10 years of Dating anime shows writing with 20 years of anime fandom, and the result is a site that is hopefully more interesting to browse than your average news and episode recap anime site.

Amerowolf Founder of Recommend Me Anime. Another good one where they get together early is Chivalry of a Failed Knight. Gotta add Tonikaku Kawaii to this list. Leave a Reply - Some comments may be caught by auto moderation Cancel reply.

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Dating anime shows

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