Dating an indian woman

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Women in India have faced a lot of hardships and had been marginalized at every level. However, with changing times, and women standing up for themselves, there is nothing that can now stop an Indian woman from achieving anything she wishes for. They are not ready to compromise whatsoever. And when it comes to dating, Indian men who are still old school have a treacherous path to tread. So Indian men, here are a few things you need to know before dating a modern Indian woman.

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Expecting her to do this promptly each time, will only leave you with disappointment. A modern Indian woman is all about her own choices and decisions. She won't entertain your opinion and might just tell you to buzz off.

She has set her priorities straight and her career means everything to her and she is strong enough to own up every decision she makes. She does not believe in settling for the first guy she meets in her life. Keep your interpretations to yourself. No means no and not yes or a possible maybe. She is not confused and knows what she wants. Do not try to impress her giving the latest iPhone. She probably has one already, which she bought herself. Her friends mean the world to her. Do not expect her to devote herself to you completely. She had a life before you and will have one, even if you leave.

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She has worked hard her whole life to earn that amount. Respect that. It might be your source of entertainment, but it might offend her because she is not a fan of sexism or misogyny like a lot of people are. What is dowry? At no given point will she be okay if this even gets mentioned in the conversation between you two. Being the smart, confident and informed person she is, just be grateful that you are lucky to have someone you share similar interests with. Yes, she has opinions and not even in her wildest dreams will she be okay to compromise on that.

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Unsplash 2. Also no suggestions on how she should dress up. Unsplash 3.

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Do not intrude into her professional decisions or make her feel she is incapable of making them on her own. Unsplash 4. Do not dare to judge her for being on a dating app or for her past as a whole. Unsplash 5. You should know how to cook. Basic cooking will also work. Unsplash 6. If she says no to something, accept it.

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Unsplash 7. Do not try to win her over with materialistic things. She can buy things on her own. Unsplash 8. Do not make her day miserable when she is out with her friends and you are bored.

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Unsplash 9. Do not feel financially insecure if she earns more than you. Unsplash Do not laugh or tag her in sexist memes on the internet. Do not support dowry and other regressive practices. Do not try to dismiss her arguments on politics or sports, she might have a better understanding of these than you.

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Dating an indian woman

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13 Things Men Should Know Before Dating A Modern Indian Woman