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Martin guitars are widely considered to be some of the greatest instruments in existence. While the brand has produced diverse types of guitars since their infancy intheir steel string flat-top guitars are the most sought-after. Known for their rich sound and superb build, many Martin guitars are high-ticket collectible items.

Unfortunately, the market is flooded with cheap replicas that capitalize off the Martin name. This is why you have to pay attention to the Martin guitar serial s. Furthermore, the company has created many different guitars with similar des throughout its history.

The company started branding guitars with a serial in The serial s begin withas the company estimated that they already had 8, guitars prior to in their portfolio. Martin guitar serial s will have between 4 and 7 serial s. The most common Martin serial s will have 6 digits due to an influx in manufacturing quantities in the s and s.

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Serial s are on the neck block inside the sound hole, on the back of the head-stock, or on the neck t. Martin guitar serial s on earlier guitars are typically on the back of the head-stock. This causes used Martin guitars to show wear. Just over 2, guitars appeared on the market in this time. A considerable dip in demand occurred inresulting in the company introducing a largest Martin guitar size and a fret de. The guitars are common in this group. They were similar in length to standard 1 sizes but featured wider sides. During this time, the first full-sized Dreadnought guitar also appeared.

So, Martin also stopped using authentic elephant ivories, instead opting for celluloid bindings and ebony bridges. These guitars mark the start of Martin making the switch from gut-string guitars to steel-string guitars. The OM appeared inbecoming the first Martin guitar with steel-string that had no modifications.

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Larger sizes like the are modified to accommodate 14 frets instead of the standard Models with these Martin guitar serial s are often bigger and feature a warmer bass tone to accompany vocals. Martin guitar serial s first appeared onto the neck block in The company also began to include the model directly above the serial. Stamping on the head-stock officially stopped in The famous D guitars appear in this decade and start at the serial. Used Martin guitars from this group are often the most valuable and sought-after by collectors.

Production of the D stops due to the wartime shortage of materials. Guitars in this era have a noticeable change in style. Herringbone marquetry and scalloped bracing are discontinued. Guitars from this group have a simpler build.

The necks now have ebony to provide them strength and extra reinforcement. Demand was high during this time, so production increased. Certain de elements like the zippered back seam were discontinued while bracing material changed. The most valuable models from this era feature Brazilian rosewood. The famous D reappeared in Used Martin guitars from this era feature pearl inlays on Dating a martin d 18 fretboard. Brazilian rosewood lost its place in production in favor of rosewood from East India.

Martin serial s in this range include many new features, such as rosewood side strips, plastic saddles, and Micarta nuts. Replicas of older models also appeared. These include the HD and D However, they contain many original de elements like scalloped braces and herringbone. Many guitars from this time are replicas and special editions.

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The company created many collectible guitars that harken back to the vintage pre-WWII des. Glue-down pickguards also disappeared for regular production models. The new era of Martin guitars includes A-frame bracing, scalloped back bracing, laminated sides, innovative ts, and much more. The group also includes special edition guitars featuring intricate pearl details and Victorian de elements.

Martin guitar serial s are one the biggest indicators of authenticity. The company has a detailed logging system that dates back well over years. Images: 12.

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Dating a martin d 18

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Martin Guitar Serial s ? When Was Your Martin Guitar Built