Create your own chat website

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The average person spends minutes each day consuming digital media. This adds up to more than eight hours per day! Some time is spent on websites, and 30 percent of the time is spent on social media. Some would say that we spend more time consuming digital media than we do working for a living! Although most businesses and marketers would agree that getting visitors to click on their websites is half of the battle, getting visitors to stay on their sites is the other…. But how important is having a live chat feature on your website, really?

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Perhaps more important than you think. Read on for some reasons how live chat on your website can help your business as well as a quick how-to guide to set up a live chat feature for free and in less than fifteen minutes. Having a live chat feature on your website is important for businesses today, especially businesses in the e-commerce space.

A live chat feature is the version of a sales associate approaching a customer who walks into a retail store. A live chat box will pop up as a user visits your site and ask the visitor if they need help searching for a particular product or brand, or if they have questions. The goal is to keep users on the site long enough for them to make a purchase decision. Real-time chatting with a customer service representative provides the following benefits:. In fact, according to a survey of American online consumers68 percent of online visitors engage in live chat.

Furthermore, 63 percent prefer referring back to a website with a live chat feature to make a future purchase. The app is Tawk. When I first set up live chat for several clients, on platforms other than Tawk. Boy was I mistaken. Clients quickly found out that it requires real effort to have someone always on live chat. That looks really bad.

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This only takes about 30 seconds. The screenshots below are from Tawk. They have excellent knowledge-base content that can help you set up your live chat, but below I also provide helpful commentary and additional details. We also streamline the full setup into one guide, whereas on the Tawk. Get accustomed to the Admin area of your dashboard, as this will be where you can set up the chat feature on your website, customize the live chat widget, and many other things. To access you admin area, simply click the little gear icon in the menu.

Live chat with Tawk. The good news is Tawk.

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Alternatively, you can also restrict Tawk. If you want to vet visitors and users prior to connecting them with a live representative, you can also set up a pre-chat form to ask the users specific questions to gather information. You can do this simply by enabling the pre-chat form and selecting Widget Content from the back-end of your dashboard.

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The Direct chat link allows you to add a special link to your website that will make your chat box open in a separate browser tab or window, which has two distinct benefits:. Once you are done enabling the Tawk. Setting up a highly robust live chat feature on your website was probably much easier than what you may have imagined.

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Create your own chat website

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