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Australia is one of the most expensive places in the world to buy the drug ice, making it a prime target market for drug traffickers, according to a report released by the Australian Crime Commission. International organised crime groups have imported a record amount of methylamphetamine to Australia sinceaccording to the report.

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The report states that, while no one organised crime group or gang has dominance in the meth trade, they are entrenched in all levels of the market including importing meth, importing ingredients, manufacturing, distributing and selling the drug. According to the report, rather than importing the drug in its completed state, syndicates were able to import precursor ingredients. Many of the precursor and pre-precursor chemicals can be imported legally due to their varied legitimate uses.

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Illegal or controlled substances are mislabelled, concealed and usually imported in much higher amounts than their normal use would demand. The report gave the example of shipments of a brand name cold and flu medication from China, which had the highest dose of pseudoephedrine of any freely available medication at the time, being rerouted through various countries before arriving in Australia to be cooked into illegal drugs. Another method was to establish chemical-related business fronts to import precursor ingredients without suspicion or to cultivate insiders in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries or transport networks.

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Craigs list wollongong

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