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Trying to navigate craigslist is difficult when they offer 7 different s for DFW but none specifically for Denton. You could also try 5 miles, an app that is close to CL, but does closer searches.

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Nobody uses that subreddit for anything. I get down voted to hell every time I suggest people go there for job searches, and it's always for the same reason - "nobody uses that subreddit". When I use CL for Denton, I tend to make sure "denton" is in my search, but I also find it useful to use the minus to exclude those that have "Denton, Flowermound, Lewisville" or other city groupings.

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For example, in Computers:. There aren't actually that many listings that come up that aren't Denton specific, even if you exclude the Carrollton and Frisco tags, but I'm just trying to show that the minus thing helps a lot in whittling down the. Check out FB as others have said, there's usually plenty of them in different areas.

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You can also look at an app called "OfferUp," I've used it a couple times buying and selling and I like the format. What is Denton's Craigslist equivalent?

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Continue this thread. For example, in Computers: denton -carrollton -frisco will show mostly Denton people selling in the computer category.

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Mean Green. Good luck getting laid OP. It's skill not luck. More posts from the Denton community. The official subreddit for the City of Denton, TX. Created Aug 9, Top posts january 13th Top posts of january, Top posts Back to Top.

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What is Denton's Craigslist equivalent?