Consequences of promiscuity

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Background: For millennia, women with multiple sexual partners have been labeled and stigmatized as whores, prostitutes, promiscuous and commercial sex workers. However, there is little literature comprehensively addressing factors related to reproductive health in this group. Aim: The aim of the current study is to elucidate the reproductive health matters of women who have multiple sexual partners. Setting and de: The data use for this research is taken from the Jamaica Reproductive Health Survey, Stratified random sampling is used to de the sampling frame. Materials and Methods: The current study extracts a sample of respondents from 7, women ages years who indicate having had multiple sex partners.

Multiple logistic regressions were used to analyze factors that explained current method of contraception. : Women with multiple sex partners on average are involved with men at least 9. Women with multiple sex partners, reproductive health matters, contraceptive methods, Jamaica. The reality is promiscuous sexual behaviour and infrequent use of condoms Coker et al.

Cooper, Hoffman, Carrara et al. There is no doubt, that sexual relationships are a public health matter and that elaborate health intervention programs cannot be developed and implemented without first addressing the reproductive health concerns of women with multiple sexual relationships and risky behavioral practices Duncan et al. There are studies that have examined the behavior of commercial sex workers Duncan et al. Inusing a sample of 2, randomly selected Jamaicans aged years, Wilks and colleagues Wilks, Younger, Tulloch-Reid et al.

It should be noted here that the of Jamaicans using a condom in their last sexual relation was about Furthermore, in Wilks et al. Wilks, Younger, Tulloch-Reid et al. This Consequences of promiscuity demonstrates the increase in risky behaviour among those that are sexually active. The sexual behaviour of some Jamaicans can also Consequences of promiscuity captured in the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections STIs between the sexes.

Wilks and colleagues found that over the last twelve months, women reported having had a STI 2. This observation was not related to commercial sex workers, but ordinary citizens.

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The sexual exposure to STIs must be taken within the context of the rise in sexual promiscuity among Jamaicans, as Wilks et al. Using statistics from the Reproductive Health Survey for it found that 2. Wilks et al. The literature showed that studies on women with multiple sexual partners are limited in scope and primarily focus on age; gender ; risk factors; Consequences of promiscuity of sexual intercourse; factors associated with the odds of having multiple sexual partners; the rationale for multiple sexual partners, and the increased risk of contracting human papillomavirus HPV Wilks et al.

The empirical evidence on women with multiple sexual partners is omitted in the literature, of which this research aims to fill this gap. This research aims to add to our understanding of reproductive health in women who have numerous sexual partners, as this is not well covered in the current literature. The following three questions will guide the research and analyses: What are the reproductive health matters of women who have multiple sexual partners? What is the prevalence of those who were sexually assaulted? And what are factors that explain current contraceptive usage among this population?

The goal of this study is to obtain empirical findings that will be used to guide policy formulation and effective intervention programs. The current study uses a sample of respondents who indicate having had multiple sex partners from an initial survey sample of 7, women ages years old. The only entry criterion for this study is having two or more sexual partners. A woman whose first husband dies and she re-marries would have had 2 sexual partners; but this is not considered as having more than one partner.

Hence, sexual promiscuity is simultaneously having more than one sexual partner. The Jamaica Reproductive Health Survey is a national stratified probability cross-sectional survey which is conducted to provide policy makers with pertinent information on reproductive health matters among women in the reproductive years of 15 to 49 years.

The interviewers administered a thirty-five 35 questionnaire to the research participants. Stratified random sample was used to draw a sample which reflected the population of Jamaica. Firstly, Jamaica was sub-divided in fourteen sample units, with each representing a parish.

Within each parish, communities were divided into enumeration districts EDs with each ED comprised of households. Each ED is a geographic region that borders another and this Consequences of promiscuity was done to all communities in each parish.

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The final sample was selected based on a fraction of the EDs in each parish, which then finally constitute Jamaicans. The data are weighted in order to represent the population of women ages 15 to 49 years in the nation National Family Planning Board, Frequencies and means are computed on the basis of sociodemographic Consequences of promiscuity, and other variables.

The rationale behind the chosen method is solely based on the data. Multiple logistic regressions were selected primarily because the dependent variable is a binary one and the researchers wanted to establish likely factors that influence this variable.

Employing logistic regression analysis, this study will examine factors associated with the method of contraception use among women with multiple sexual partners in Jamaica. Where H t- — current health in time period t, stock of health H t-1 in period, B t — smoking and excessive drinking, and good personal health behaviours including exercise — G oMC t ,- use of medical care, education Consequences of promiscuity each family member EDand all sources of household income including current income.

In this case the dependent variable is a dichotomous one currently using a contraceptive method or notwhich means that logistic regression can be applied to examine the factors that influence the dichotomous dependent variable. For this study, four factors determine contraceptive usage among women with multiple sexual partners:. Where MS denotes marital status, A means age at first sexual encounter, E represents employment status and S indicates social class. The socio-demographic characteristics of the study population are presented in Table 1. Figure 1 show that Half of the commercial sex workers indicated that they had been sexually assaulted, and Furthermore, Table 2 presents information on the of sexual partners, condom usage and frequency of condom usage with steady and casual partners.

Table 2. However, information can be provided on those who indicated being sexually assaulted by age cohort: years, Table 3 presents information on age of respondent, years of schooling, age of menarche, coitarche, age when the person began using contraception and age of person with whom they had their first sexual intercourse. Table 3.

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Table 4 presents information on possible factors, which for the use of a contraceptive method. Using logistic regression analyses, four variables emerged as statistically ificant factors of method of contraception. Table 4. Young women in Jamaica, as well as other developing nations, like China, are engaged in risky sexual behaviour that puts them at risk of contracting a STIs, cervical cancers and pregnancies.

Simply put, risky sexual behaviour is directly linked to reduced health status, STIs, and cervical cancers, which make sexual practices among these women a public health matter. This study is on reproductive health practices of women with multiple sexual partners and we found that There were clear dissimilarities between the survey of female undergraduate students in China and the study population.

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Inconsistent condom usage among female undergraduate Chinese students with multiple sexual partners was Emerging from both studies is the risky sexual behaviour of young women in Jamaica and China. Using Wilks et al.

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They also found an increase in sexual transmitted infections STIs among those with multiple sexual partners, indicating the increasing risk factors associated with sexual promiscuity. Within the context of this study, that found an inverse association between age at first sexual encounter and method of contraception use.

In this study, men who initiate sexual intercourse with adolescent women were about 10 years older.

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Although these males are older and more sexually experienced, they also have more material resources compared to the young women. The socio-economic challenges faced by many Jamaicans, in particular those who are poor; include how to avoid the temptations of being lured by sexual predators, who offer material resources to alleviate the economic plight of vulnerable individuals. Early sexual initiation among young Jamaicans s for the of multiple sexual Consequences of promiscuity as the first relation may be an experiment.

Hence, it should come as no surprise that in the Caribbean, of the 7 million births in2 million were from young women 14 years and younger Jamaica, This indicates that teenage pregnancy is on the rise in the Caribbean region, and means more high school dropout among young females. These are the national public health matters which we contend are unfolding in Jamaica as a result of sexual promiscuity. One of the findings which emerged from this work is the percentage of women who commenced commercial sex work during their secondary schooling.

Embedded in this finding is how sexual promiscuity is a gateway to commercial sex work. Based on the findings, 3 in every 10 commercial sex workers in Jamaica admitted that this began during their school years and the average age of first sexual debut is during secondary school 16 years. In fact, the behavior is associated with the social pressure of peer groups in regard to sexual initiation, sex traders recruiting school girls, social decay in the general society, and economic challenges faced by many families.

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Early sexual initiation, multiple sexual partners and sexual promiscuity are, therefore, by-products of socio-economic ills of the Jamaican society, and commercial sex work is a response to the economic challenges.

Consequences of promiscuity

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