College girls parties

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Sound familiar? If this paints a picture of your typical Friday or Saturday nightthen it may be time to mix things up a bit. What better way to do it than with some unusual theme parties? Here are a few college party themes. Think loosened pants, collars and shirts. If hosts really want to go the extra mile, provide red cups with dares written on them for party-goers to perform.

Hosts provide colored markers, and guests sport College girls parties t-shirts ready for action! Best of all, the graffiti party lets you skip the embarrassing pick-up line and get right to some hands-on action. As the name suggests, you may choose to decorate yourself in shopping bags, wrapping paper or bubble wrap among other things.

Creativity is key. While getting dressed for this party, you may see everything in your apartment without a power cord as potential clothing. Go with it. Welcome to the island, man! Luaus are overrated. Celebrate your Caribbean heritage or just your love for all things Cuban, Bahamian, Haitian, Dominican and more.

Ditch the bitter beer and posh wine for tropical drinks mixed with rum. Or level up and hollow out an actual pineapple to make every sip a bit more sweet. Party like the world is about to end. Wander around the party with your hands held out in front of College girls parties like a legit zombie. Being so in character may attract the girl who secretly watches Warm Bodies every night. Do you want to be groovy, righteous or super fly? Pick your favorite decade and deck out in the trendiest styles.

Search through second-hand stores for bell-bottom pants and feather out long layers to go back to the 70s. Shove shoulder p into your favorite shirts and tease your hair to go into the 80s. You may or may not remember the 90s depending on your age, but its style came back recently and looks like it wants to stay.

Team up with your friends, classmates, and Greek brothers and sisters to compete in beer olympics. The games go by house rules so learn quick and practice your ping pong aim. Every team competing should choose a country to represent and dress like.

The U. The Parisian team can look high class in berets and striped shirts. No country is too large, small, powerful or obscure to choose. Now represent your country with pride and win. Break out all your old school uniforms you used to despise.

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That means pleated skirts and oxford shirts knotted at the waist, of course. Boys, break out your favorite private school uniform ties. Take your school uniform up a notch and stain the shirt with grass, dirt and ketchup—because we all know recess meant coming back with Clorox-invincible stains.

You must make a toast to the Greek gods and goddesses before wrapping up your undergrad years. Call up your craftiest friend and wrap white bedsheets around you to prepare for the toga party. Back in the ancient Grecian world, wine was more available than water.

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Pour it into a goblet and sip like Plato or Aristotle did when discussing philosophy. Any organization or group can partake, but make sure everyone can dedicate to both nights. This theme is all about location, location, location: Each night is usually held at a separate venue to make the parties feel more authentic.

Host the Rags party outdoors—a field or barn is ideal—and your Riches party at an upscale bar or restaurant. Making a list that lets invitees and their dates RSVP for the party eliminates the stress of uncertainty. The sooner you have your venues booked, the sooner you can start planning your trashy-to-classy transition.

Look for cutoff jean shorts, or make some of your own with an old pair of pants. Flannel shirts, cowboy or work boots and camouflage clothing fit the dress code. Kegs of cheap beer are the drink of choice. This part of the event is simply fabulous, darling!

Wear cocktail attire that channels a 60s College girls parties or a Wall Street tycoon. Find plenty of faux pearls, diamonds, feathers and furs as accessories—guys should invest in a top hat or bowtie to go with a flashy suit. You can spend as much—or as little—as you choose. Play swing music from the s, or retro 50s and 60s tunes. Highlighter parties bring out the rave-lover in everyone, just as the black lights in the room reveal the neon scribbled on your arms, legs and white t-shirt.

But it was still a lot of College girls parties. Be prepared to get a little messy. Throw this party in the darkest place you can find. Basements work best, but you can always cover windows. Hide the walls with industrial-size sheets of white paper so that your guests can keep on drawing when their t-shirts and bodies run out of space.

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Let the graffiti happen! Dance music is a must—you want to recreate the rave atmosphere that goes perfectly with bright colors. Create a soundtrack with plenty of bass-bumping techno, house music or DJ mixes that will last the whole night. Use the theme as an excuse to meet new people. Alternatively, you could go the classic route and make an appearance with a Mozart-style curly white wig. Bonus: hold a Best Hair contest at the end of the night. The main idea here is: opulence.

In terms of dress: picture a new-money socialite, but even flashier. Sport a fur coat go faux for the animalssnake print and the more jewelry the better. Try to keep it within the range of general internet familiarity No, Janet, nobody else knows floating head man meme.

Extra points for a picture frame with words on the top and bottom so guests can truly become their own meme. This one is a great excuse to relive childhood cartoon obsessions by having your guests dress up as their favorite Spongebob character. Ready to get rid of your unwanted clothes? To throw a proper Rubix cube party, everyone must come dressed in one color head-to-toe, preferably in many different articles of clothing.

Every time two guests interact with one another, they must switch one article of clothing. In terms of decorations and refreshments, think rainbow: brightly colored drinks, jolly ranchers and neon balloons and streamers. Instead of the usual boring monochromatic red Solo cups, buy as many colors as you can and play a game of Rubix cube beer pong.

Why is this a thing? Guests can either dress with bright colors, unicorn horns, fake wings and glitter everywhere, or go the G. Joe route and sport camouflage, army green and canvas satchels. Say what you like, but the costumes that will show up for this theme will be anything but dull. Transform your party into a wild adventure through uncharted lands. Go plant shopping for an authentic feel, or grab some plastic vines and leaves and plaster the place with natural tones to create that jungle look. Other on-theme decorations include old and distressed maps and lots of animal print.

Guests College girls parties either dress as explorers with khaki jackets and shorts, lace-up boots and safari hats, or they can go the animal route with zebra print, fake tails, cat ear headbands and textured makeup. Think: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom transforms into a party blast. This one is up for endless interpretation. So I came dressed as a bed. I wrapped myself in a bed sheet and wore nothing but that. And if all else fails, you could just give up on everything and go wrapped in sheets like Eliana so you can party while staying in bed the whole time.

The one where you headbanged to Panic! Take it to the next level and wear a emo-style wig, either black or neon colored. Break out the black distressed jeans, hoodies, band tees and Converse high-tops. The more laces and chains, the better. Leggings, leotards, trainers and headbands are all welcome here. The beer is flowing, shots are flying and bodies are rubbing up against one another on the dance floor as loud music blares from the speakers. Such is the culture of many college campuses each Thursday through Saturday until the wee hours of the morning.

After a successful night downtown, the final step is getting back in one piece—without a public intoxication ticket. These simple steps will have you partying all night College girls parties waking up with a hangover in your own room, not in a cell next to a crystal meth tweaker or the straight-shooting drug dealer.

What are College girls parties In third grade? Piggyback rides are like an STD—avoid giving them and avoid receiving them. If you want a ride, follow step two. Feeling too drunk to make the walk home? You already spent sixty dollars at the bar buying rounds of shots and pitchers of beer all night. Better to get a ride home in the back of a taxi or Uber than in the back of a squad car. Remember those days of elementary school? Take it slow. Take Idiot A as an example. Walking out of a bar on a chilly Saturday night, Idiot A feels compelled to scream to the rest of the world how wasted he is.

Good move? For the slow ones, the answer is no. After beating your buddies in back to back to back to back etc. Very full. You need to empty that bladder. I know you gotta go and that the wall outside the bar looks like the perfect spot to leave your mark, but just hold it in a tiny bit longer. Peeing is possibly the worst thing you can do and makes for an easy target for cops.

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A public urination ticket can sometimes land you on the sex offender list. Try explaining that one to future employers. This is real life. This goes for the folks returning to the dorms. Take a few extra steps and pass out in your bed, not the couch in the lobby.

College girls parties

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College Girl’s Guide to Partying and Going Out