Can you love someone you never met in person

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Skip ! Story from Coronavirus. My brother and I spent an hour on the phone this morning; most of it was consumed by my descriptions of the man I've been seeing. He's passionate. Forthcoming with his feelings.

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Patient with mine. I had examples to back up each of these statements — that's why it took so long. I gave this answer in my head, not out loud, because the truth felt embarrassing: I'm dating someone I've never met before. And when I say dating, I don't mean that we've had a few FaceTime chats and are calculating next moves. We are committed to one another. We call each other "baby. I've been single for the past two years, and I've tended to keep a few plates spinning, so to speak. Three weeks into connecting with, let's call him Tom he's definitely not named Tom! I surprised myself with this inclination to focus on one person, but when I ultimately reported my behavior to Tom — because he's made me feel safe to share any and all feelings who knew?

For what it's worth, the other man's response: "Let those feelings flourish, girl!

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Back to Tom: We work in adjacent industries and have mutual friends, so we had followed each other on Instagram for a while. I can't say, though, that his posts bubbled to the top of my feed often, nor do I know when, exactly, I started peeking more intentionally at hisinforming myself of his goings-on.

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Then, Covid hit while he was abroad, and we started talking daily. The details are hazy; maybe it's because it was all so organic that I can't quite remember the day things leveled-up, or who was messaging who more often, or anything else I'd normally document and file away in my brain somewhere because I felt the need to be strategic.

Instead, it just flowed, in a way I haven't experienced since perhaps the relationship in my late 20s that almost ended in marriage. Eventually, Tom made it back to the States and has been at his father's house halfway across the country from me for the past month-and-a-half.

We talk in the morning and at night and throughout the day. We've sent each other packages. We promote each other's work on social media. We've told our mutual friends about "us. Is this nuts? Non-pandemic dating life — profiles, algorithms, swipes, not to mention going places with strangers — is far more strange than anything I've described with Tom, she said.

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It's nice to see when things just happen in an unexpected and disarming way. It is nice. But also… nuts? Which, of course, brings us to touch. Of course, we have not been able to touch one another. Humans are hard-wired to be social. Touch, specifically, triggers part of the brain and releases oxytocin, known as the love hormone. Hugging reduces stress levels and, ultimately, helps us fight infection, even.

How odd, that the thing that normally keeps us healthy is the thing that could hurt us right now. Just thinking about it makes me as excited as a pre-teen gearing up for her first kiss. Or, at least, I had been excited about my first kiss at that age. I know about his desires, his worries, his family history, both good and bad. I want to touch Tom because I want to show him how I feel about him. Perhaps the silver lining, for many of us who are privileged enough to be safe and at home, is that this has been a peculiar opportunity to take stock of our lives.

I had forgotten that connection, that romance, could feel like this.

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Another new thing for me — and for many of us, right now — is that I'm taking online fitness classes. One trainer I like, in particular, is a master at maintaining contact with her clients through Instagram, and I told her my main motivation for tightening up my body, which is the prospect of sharing it with Tom.

We are so lucky. So, yes. I'm dating someone I've never met before — and I'm falling for him. How can I trust this?

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I aired some of these concerns the other night — another thing Tom has made me feel safe to do. And I just… Why would we deny ourselves something so wonderful, that happened so naturally? Well, shit.

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I'm out of reasons. Listen to Julia Bainbridge talk more about what it's like to date during the pandemic on the Telescope podcast, here. Related Stories. Once, when we were having sex, I caught my atte. We were sitting at a terrazzo-to. Shortly after I moved to L. She brought a housewarming gift with her: a ta. Some people stuck to video and.

Can you love someone you never met in person

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What Happens When You Fall in Love With Someone You've Never Met