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The vast majority of these sonnets are addressed to an unnamed attractive young man who represents beauty, love, and praise.

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In these sonnets, Shakespeare is reiterating to the young man that it is his duty to marry and have kids, urging him to reproduce so that his physical beauty will be eternalized through future generations. In addition, some of the later sonnets in the series are written about a Dark Lady and focus on degrading sexual desires. As for the larger structure of the sonnet sequence, it is important to note that, as Shakespeare provided no explanation for the intentions behind his sonnets, the order in which he intended them to appear is unknown.

Therefore, the order in which they were published might not have been the order in which Shakespeare had written them.

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Shakespeare uses many nature-oriented metaphors in his sonnets. It is noteworthy to point out that Shakespeare is never afraid to portray nature in a distasteful manner. First of all, love is seen as a common theme, as it was in many of the Elizabethan sonnets.

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In many of his poems that are written to the young man, Shakespeare the narrator is demonstrating the theme of the importance of reproduction. He asserts the value of eternalizing beauty through reproduction and by passing it down through generations. His sonnets focus on physical beauty rather than intellectual beauty. Regarding the theme of time, Shakespeare asserts that only love and poetry or another type of writing are the only phenomena that can counter time. In line 3, Shakespeare brings up the theme of the power of time, saying that everything that is beautiful will eventually lose its beauty and die.

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He is saying that the young man needs not to think about himself so much. In line 7, Shakespeare is saying that if a person who is as attractive as this young man does not reproduce, he is wasting his gifts and opportunities. Back to Elizabethan Sonnet Sequence. Maus, and Barbara K. Ninth ed. New York: W.

Bring it lifetime wiki

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Shakespeare’s Sonnet Sequence