Break up messages for him

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Break Up messages : are you Finding it hard to end your relationship? These messages will help you to end it. Breaking up with someone who you love once is not easy for Break up messages for him is very important because if you do not choose your words in the correct way, it can create a fuss and things can go ugly.

We have some emotional and heart Break Up Messages that can help you in this breakup time. I had never thought of this moment in my life. I wish I was dead before saying goodbye to you! I take it as a lesson learned. And the lesson is, never trust a liar.

I wish no one does the same to you as you did to me! All that always mattered to you was your happiness. You never tried to know how I feel inside. I was blind for the whole time! You can have a thousand girls in your life, but you will never find the true love I gave you! In fact, I pray the best for you! I just had one important priority in our relationship — YOU.

The problem was that we both had the same priority. People always think the most painful thing is to lose the one you love. The feeling I get when I see you in my dreams is full of joy. It feels good to know I can in my dreams. Time may heal my broken heart. But it can never erase your memories from my head. Our paths are divided but my love for you will remain the same! You are a wonderful human being. It was a wonderful time, but all good things come to an end, and this is it for me.

You are not worth my love if you need reasons to find me worthy of yours. Thanks for being a part of my life for a while. I consider myself lucky for having someone in life who loved me with a true heart! The things you have done for me will always earn my respect for you until my last breath. I truly have no harsh feeling for you! I will never be the same person as you knew from this moment. I really wish we could text each other like we used to do always. So, this is my last message to you!. I never asked for a lot. All I ever wanted was to be liked by you for who I was, and not for who you wanted me to be.

Maybe our love, was really too good to be true. The problem with our relationship was that you were busy trying to mould it according to the whims and fancies of everyone around us while I was busy enjoying it for what it was. Things would have never come to the point of walking away, if you had not kept deceiving me with your lies every day. But Break up messages for him have corroded my trust, bit by bit.

Things would have been just fine, if you had stopped your lies. We were a perfect couple, so carefree and happy. I know we have had the most wonderful times together but I think it is high time we changed our paths forever. You will always remain as a good memory, boy. I never thought I would have to bid goodbye to you but sometimes nightmares become a reality in life. I will always cherish all the good times we had together. Take care, dear. Saying goodbye is tough when we have so many memories to cherish. But breaking up now is the right decision for both of us.

I pray to Lord for your better health and a better life. You were a happy experience but life had its own plans for us. Breaking up is the right choice for now. I wish you find a great partner in life. You are leaving a hole in my heart. I feel like my whole life is a lie! I tried my best to revive our dying relationship. You told me you would never leave me alone. You promised me of a new life together. But now I know it was all a big lie! I was so naive for ignoring your true love.

Now I regret losing you! It is really hard from my part but we really need to break up.

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It is necessary for us to accept fate and grow no bitterness in our hearts. Stay safe, take care. I was a fool for loving you this much! I ignored the whole world for you.

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But I never thought you would ignore me for a better option. Thanks for playing with my emotions! I promise that I will be a good friend of yours and it will be better for both of you. I think you have changed a lot. And I hope you will be respectful with my decision. I never thought that our marriage would come into a situation like this. You are an amazing person.

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You were really supportive and caring. I will never forget your contribution to my life. I have been so successful in working life because of your help. I hope you will have a great time. For me, you were the best gift of my life. I will always remember all our firsts and lasts but it is better to not stay associated with each other anymore. You were good to me and I will always respect you.

We may have thought we were meant for each other but in reality, we were not. I wish you good things in life. Take care. You tore my heart into million pieces and still, kept lying to my face. I really cannot take this anymore. I am done with everything of yours. Good luck finding someone suitable for you!

Relationships can be hard but the efforts to keep it going should come from both of us. I barely see you giving any effort into this relationship. Now-a-days I barely feel that our relationship has any future. We have lost our spark and It is actually time to say goodbye to each other. Good luck with your life. Good things have ended in our relationship. There are only fights, nonsense talks and abuse between us.

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Goodbye, that is going to be my last message to you. I am writing to you to let you know that I still love you and I will keep loving you. But I am not going to be with you in a relationship. You are the wrong one for me. I made a huge mistake by loving you, and I will regret that entire life.

Breaking a relationship seems easy to you. You wanted space and freedom and here I am giving it to you. Now I hope you will be okay with the situation. I am not going to bother you anymore and please never ever text me back again. My mind hates you so much that it may stop me from texting you. But my heart will never let me stop loving you! Be happy! I have to accept that I have spent the most beautiful time of my life with you.

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It is not possible to forget your contribution to my life. Whatever I have done you have supported and gave courage to me. I am really thankful for all these. But now the situation is a bit different. I can see your changed behavior, and I am really sad about that. I have tried my best to be with you. I tried to understand you but you never gave me a chance. We have to make a decision and need to move on.

But I also have feelings and I have my own life. I hope you will get a better girl in your life to enjoy a lot. I have my blessings for you always.

Break up messages for him

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Breakup Messages for Boyfriend (Quotes about Breaking Up)