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I thank Luisa Teish chatroom america her opening of the conference with her interactive performance.

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There were endless details to take care of and snags horsham sex chat rooms miscommunications of all kinds, which had to be dealt with and resolved. Many thanks to Luciana Ricciutelli for her tireless help with the manuscripts and the many versions of the table of contents as well as innumerable details of corrections and revisions. Exclusive breastfeeding is ificantly associated with strong infant immunity and optimal development. The importance of breastfeeding is underestimated. In developing countries, including Pakistan, with high child mortality and malnutrition, healthy breastfeeding practices can bring positive changes in child health status.

A qualitative study was carried out in both rural and urban settings in Rajanpur District of Punjab Province, Pakistan. We conducted 12 focus-group discussions FGDs that talk to local women free 38 mothers and 40 fathers with children aged under two years who were being breastfed. The themes were both inductive and deductive in nature. No cleanliness measures were practised in this regard. The participants had misconceptions about the benefits of colostrum, which frequently prevented it being given to newborns. Culturally acceptable and integrated public health interventions are needed to improve the breastfeeding-related health literacy and practices of parents, grandparents chat with random people communities.

This will ultimately reduce the high infant mortality and malnutrition rates in Pakistan. Breastfeeding behaviours depend upon the cultural practices and perceptions that guide the actions of mothers in making decisions about the duration and frequency of breastfeeding [ 12 ]. Empirical evidence demonstrates that exclusive breastfeeding for y felinheli sexting chat first six months after birth contributes ificantly to strong infant immunity and optimal development [ 12 ].

Timely initiation of breastfeeding plays an important role in preventing infections and infant mortality [ 34 ]. Breast milk is not only a primary source of nutrition for newborns but also functions as an anti-infective agent and protects breastfed infants from acute respiratory infections and diarrhoea [ 5 ].

Additionally, breastfeeding adult chat rooms apps beneficial univision chat room the mother. It is associated with elevated emotional attachment of the mother to the infant [ 6 ], reduced risk of breast and endometrial cancer [ 7 ] and increased duration of postpartum amenorrhea and consequent birth spacing [ 8 ], as well as several other health benefits such as lower risk of osteoporosis [ 9 ]. The WHO Bielefeld gift for lactating woman advocates that breastfeeding should be continued along with complementary foods up to two years of age or beyond [ 10 ].

However, unhealthy breastfeeding practices are common in developing countries like Bielefeld gift for lactating woman, where child mortality and malnutrition rates are high, and infections are widespread due to unhygienic conditions [ ]. Nevertheless, due to cultural stereotypes and false beliefs, portsmouth online sex chat importance of breastfeeding sex chat online in rossendale underestimated, and infants remain deprived of their basic right to breast milk, leaving them vulnerable to infections and, thus, increasing the burden black chat line sept iles disease [ 3 — 5 ]. One can gauge the situation from the fact that, in the Punjab inonly There are a of cultural practices that hinder optimal breastfeeding practices, such as offering a pre-lacteal feed.

Because of pre-lacteal feeding, an infant is deprived of the protective benefits of colostrum. Extensive research has proved that alternative feeding increases the risk of diarrhoea and acute respiratory-tract infections [ 15 — 17 ], as well as poor breastfeeding outcomes, such as delayed initiation and early nipple piercing pain chart of breastfeeding Bielefeld gift for lactating woman ].

Although scholars have conducted extensive quantitative studies on exclusive breastfeeding and child and maternal health, these studies have not explored the phenomenon in detail and merely provide numerical associations of one variable with another random call chat — 22 ]. In contrast, very few qualitative studies tumba sex talk chat been conducted to analyse the knowledge and behaviour of parents around breastfeeding practices and its benefits for the mother and child, particularly within the context of Pakistan [ ].

This study aims to explore the knowledge, attitudes and practical encounters of parents both mothers and fathers concerning exclusive breastfeeding and colostrum and their overall breastfeeding practices, and the factors that prevent them from adopting such practices. We attempted to understand the influence of cultural and spiritual beliefs on these practices, and the benefits of breastfeeding for both infant and mother.

Thus, through understanding the perspective of parents and healthcare professionals — specifically public health experts and healthcare managers — we can create awareness about optimal breastfeeding practices through campaigns and other health-promotion avenues, in a manner geared specifically towards parents; possibly saving lives tucson sex chat dating raising health standards. The study was based on a qualitative research de.

Data were collected through 12 focus-group discussions FGDs with mothers and fathers of children aged under two years in both rural and urban settings in Rajanpur District of Punjab Province, Pakistan. Rajanpur is situated bloomsburg city sex chat southern Punjab and has three Tehsils administrative divisions and 44 union councils local government bodies.

It has one of the poorest socio-economic indicators related to maternal and child health among all the districts of Punjab Province [ 14 ]. Rajanpur was selected as our study setting due to our interest in understanding the contextual factors behind romanesc chat mortality and poor maternal and child health. Despite the traditional socio-economic environment, hot girls sweaty smelly socks sex chat are not practising exclusive and optimal breastfeeding, which can overcome deficiencies in child nutrition.

Figure 1 presents the summary of union council and participant selection for the FGDs. A purposive sampling technique was used to select mothers who had children aged under two years and were currently breastfeeding or trying to breastfeed their. Mothers who had with a severe illness or feeding problems such as cleft lip or palate were not included in the study.

The data were collected from six union councils two union councils from sex chat dunstable Tehsil. In total, 12 FGDs were conducted with 38 mothers and 40 fathers six in each category, out of chat with a counselor for free three were in urban and three in rural areas.

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There were six or seven participants in each FGD. Table 1 presents an overview of the profile characteristics of participants recruited for FGDs. All the participants were recruited with the help of lady health workers LHWs. LHWs are female community health workers who live in the same community where they work.

Each LHW is responsible for an average of people. LHWs register the population of their service teen help chat room and act as liaison between the community and health facilities. They provide antenatal care, vaccinations for children under two and health-education information on hygiene and sanitation. For the recruitment of study participants, we contacted LHWs because they knew all the families in their localities. They went door to door in their localities and explained the study objectives to mothers and fathers and invited them to participate in the FGDs.

LHWs provided a list of people who had agreed to participate to the researchers. The researchers contacted the fathers and mothers who had expressed an interest in participating in the study and arranged a time and venue for the adult phone talk bryan texas according to their convenience. The study chat and flirt conducted in over a four-month period in a community setting. The six FGDs with mothers were arranged for am because the mothers were relatively free at that time while their older children were at school. All of the six FGDs with fathers were organised on Sundays as this is their day off and fathers could spare enough time for the meeting.

The participants were served tea and refreshments before the interview to create a friendly environment. The interviewers were experienced in hamburg live sex chat interviewing and were trained in the FGD guide before going into the field. In some cases, when participants were not comfortable with Urdu, interviews were conducted in their local language i. Siraiki or Punjabi. The local LHWs were also present during the FGDs to facilitate the sessions as they had good rapport with free online chat with webcam the participants, being members of the same community. Moreover, the presence of LHWs did not influence the content discussed in the sessions because they acted as moderators and translated certain parts of messages for researchers and participants if required.

Each FGD lasted for between 90 and min. Before the start of the FGDs, all participants were informed about their voluntary leominster free sex chat, the confidentiality of recorded data and anonymity. For those participants who could not read and write, the interviewer read the consent form aloud and took their thumb impression instead of a ature. All the FGDs were audio recorded with the permission of the participants; notes were also taken during the discussions.

After each discussion, the researchers discussed the topics Bielefeld gift for lactating woman each other and with the LHWs to clarify the concepts and their meanings. The study used an FGD guide to collect data from mothers and fathers. The guide was developed on the basis of an extensive review of the literature on the topic and consisted mainly of deductive themes. Also, we held informal discussions with lactating mothers and with fathers, as well as other stakeholders such as mothers-in-law, doctors, midwives, LHWs and elders in the community to incorporate contextual elements into the FGD guide.

The guide was pilot tested with a group of five breastfeeding mothers before Bielefeld gift for lactating woman commencement of the FGDs.

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The guide consisted of topics such as: the first feed given to the tampa swingers chat after birth, the use of and misconceptions about colostrum, the timing and frequency of breastfeeding, the benefits of breastfeeding for both child and mother, perceptions national city sex chat partner support, and problems related to breastfeeding.

Ethical clearance for the study protocols was obtained from free live chat mosman Institutional Review Board, University of the Punjab, Pakistan. Throughout the research process, we assured the confidentiality and anonymity of data. The data transcripts were shredded after use in data analysis.

A thematic content analysis was performed manually to analyse the data. All audio-recorded FGDs were transcribed verbatim in Urdu. The transcripts were then translated chats adventistas English. The transcripts were read several times by the authors. A sexy adult chat of the translations was performed to address the possibility of detracting from the contextual meaning of response statements. The field notes taken by the researchers during FGDs were also considered in order to aid the data analysis.

Firstly, the initial codes were highlighted, first independently and then in t sessions involving all the authors.

Bielefeld gift for lactating woman

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Bielefeld gift for lactating woman