Bible verses on power of god

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I confess. I know I need help, so I ask God to take over my situation and see me to a successful end. The problem arises when it feels almost impossible to catch a glimpse of God in the midst of the storm. When you made the commitment to follow Jesus, the Holy Spirit immediately took up residence in you. See Romans That means all of His power and strength now reside in you too. What great news! Too often we try hard to accomplish things that only God can bring about.

In the Old Testament, the Hebrew term often used for power is geburah, which means force and implies victory. This will prove a valuable source of encouragement for you when life is hard.

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We face no enemy greater than the enemy of our souls, the devil. He is hard at work trying to divide, tear down, steal, kill, and destroy. Yet this verse reminds us that God shatters the enemy with one hand. It stirs my heart to consider all the ways that power manifests in Him. Any time that I feel insufficient for a task, or when the weight of a mistake burdens my heart, I try to remember this verse and the promise that my weakness sets the stage for God to reveal His perfect power. For we also are weak in him, but in dealing with you, we will live with him by the power of God.

This verse is the ultimate picture of dunamis power—raising Jesus from the dead. Our Redeemer lives because the power of God the Father was at work in Him, just as it is in us. Just imagine with me.

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Imagine all you can accomplish since the power of God is at work in you. No evil can stop that. The sixth chapter of Ephesians speaks of the armor of God. Paul exhorts us to be strong, not on our own, but in the Lord. What a powerful reminder that God is always at work on our behalf. We can be still and silent and see His power and strength bring fruit in our lives. The Lord sees to the safety of His children and we do not need to be afraid. He is our refuge and fortress. He acts as a fortified place stronghold of security. This is another of my favorite verses.

It reminds me of how available and willing God is to offer help and protection. His help is always available to us. These words of Jesus were spoken to His disciples as He sent them out to minister.

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He had given them His power to perform miracles and overtake evil. We have that same power in Him. When He extends His power to us, we can do mighty things in His name. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. All that is required is submitting ourselves to the Lord and resisting evil.

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God takes care of the rest. So they are without excuse. We can trust that He is always at work and His power is constantly going forth. It feels like there is little reason to hope these days, but through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can abound in hope. May we all go out and share it through kindness and grace. The power of Jesus is at work in us, just as it was in Bible times.

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It glorifies God in all generations—those that came before us, our own generation, and our descendants to come. Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; his understanding is beyond measure. God has the authority to speak creation into existence.

There is no limit to His power and understanding. All authority. Just knowing this should amplify our prayers! It is available for us today.

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When we do, He draws close to us and partners with us to accomplish mighty work for the Kingdom. Remember, God partners with you. More importantly He has already gone before you to prepare the way. God is bigger than our problems. He stands ready to reveal His power in and through you.

So pray with confidence, my friend, knowing that your prayers release the power of God in your life. Most of us struggle to hold onto joy when life gets hard.

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Bible verses on power of god

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20 Mighty Bible Verses About God’s Power