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Forgot your password? I have never really been one to get into forums and I don't quite know what I'm doing, but I really need somewhere to talk about my interest in women. I have been married for 3 years, and while it is only recently that being with women has completely consumed my thoughts, I have always been attracted to women to an extent.

I find myself really wanting to act on this instinct, but also know that my husband would not with that and I don't love the idea of cheating. I have come very close to getting together with women who I found on Craig's List, but plans fell through. Maybe in the long run that's a good thing, but I feel I owe it to myself to explore this side of me. Any advice or insights would be greatly appreciated.

Palmetto I too am new here and I have always been attracted to women but really love men more. I have had a few encounters with women and I have enjoyed Bi married forum. I too am looking at ways to meet women who are married as I am and understand the intimacy we can give each other separate from our husbands. Although I am not one to cheat my husband suggested I find a women for the friendship and possibly intimacy I crave.

He has no Bi married forum in being a part of said possible relationship. Yet I am, more and more, feeling attracted to women. I agree! I'm new on here too. Happily married. I'm just trying to figure out these feelings and desires towards women. It is driving me crazy. New here also. Been married for almost 10 years and my husband knows I'm curious and is ok with that. Well welcome guys. I totally get what you are saying so many thoughts going on in your head being pulled in different directions.

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But know that you are not alone so many more going through the same things. I was new here a year ago, and I have to say, the thing that has helped me most is time. Every day gets better and the more time I spend sitting with my thoughts and feelings, it gets a little easier to manage and navigate. In the beginning I wanted to just go all in, but now I know I need to really be mindful of my feelings. Ive hid my feelings for women for years i got married to a man as that was what i was expected to do by my family. I love my husband but ive never felt anything in a sexual way even though ive tried for years.

Anyway short story is 4 months ago i admitted to myself and my husband i Bi married forum im gay. And i feel better for finally coming out. Brand new here. My husband knows and encourages my fantasies regarding women. But I think he'll want Bi married forum be too hands on if I ever did explore with another woman. I guess I ed this site so I could explore by myself a little bit and figure out how to make this work. Just ing has made me feel a lot better. Like I'm not alone and I don't have to face anyone if I'm not ready.

I have a pretty good thing going on with my BF. He is in total acceptance of my bi-curiosity. I went through all of this suddenly myself, a few years ago. For me, it was a long process and I gathered so much information on myself, my feelings, my wants and desires. It got messy with my spouse bc I went in blind, expecting a no strings, no consequence outcome and that was not what happened. It was a journey with the highest highs and lowest lows for me at first. I was lucky, her feelings were reciprocated and I had a genuinely amazing experience discovering this side of myself with someone who truly embraced me for all of me.

Gather your own data, make good choices and enjoy the journey! Expect some battle wounds and unexpected emotions along the way! Hell new here too, feel so alone with these thoughts and I worry my husband of 11 years whom I love dearly will feel hurt if I keep talking about how I miss the opportunities to be with a woman again. We both agreed to only be with each other and I know I would feel jealous if he was with someone else but yet it doesn't bother me if I were with a woman as I often miss their sensuality and gentleness, I know marriage is compromise and this is one of them for us but I still think about it and miss women none the less.

Welcome Redwoman81! Why is it so difficult I am only asking for the world lol I am in the same boat and am trying to keep communication open but I have no idea how to manage this I feel trapped by so many things lately. I came out to my husband few months ago hardest thing I ever had to do he not happy about it we been together over ten years and he is having a hard time accepting it. I totally relate to this my ex felt terribly confused and hurt when he found out I was bi but my current husband has always known but we don't see other people.

The past few months have been the hardest ever for myself and my hubby. He came out as Bi to me and I didn't take it well. As I've begun to process things and a lot of other things have come to light about my marriage which forced me to do a TON of introspective soul searching I'm realizing that I think my bi-phobia towards my husband might have actually been because I've been ashamed of my own bi-curiosity all of my life. I've had moments where I wanted to kiss women, and Bi married forum some fantasies about women, as well as having had some fun back when I was in high school with a few female friends though we always said it was just practice for when we would meet men we wanted to date I have just either brushed it off as a thing that straight women sometimes have, or pushed the thoughts back to the corner of my mind.

I feel super unsure about everything right now, and so I ed the forum to see what other peoples experiences have been like, and how married people especially have been able to incorporate these changes into their lives. It has already been helpful to read peoples' comments about wanting to cheat but not wanting to cause a rift in the relationship. Also it kind of blows my mind that there are husbands out there who don't want to be part of a threesome, but that's a side note. Hi, nice to meet you.

I'm sure you'll find lots of friendly advice on here. I've only been on here a couple of months but feel I've already found the answers to most of my questions thanks to the support on this site, good luck.

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TheFelineMystique Welcome and thanks for sharing your story. I think it's completely normal to have a difficult adjustment to your husband coming out to you. You thought you had a certain relationship and your reality has been turned on it's head. I do admire the fact that he was honest with you and that you're working through it. I also find it really interesting that his conversation has sparked interest and curiosity in you. My husband is straight and I often wish he was at least bicurious so he could understand my feelings on a more complex level. I think the fact that you can relate to his same sex attraction on some level is the great equalizer.

Keep communicating, talk and talk and talk and don't ignore any of your feelings. This is a roller coaster and you Bi married forum a right to all your feelings. You have Bi married forum right to be angry, to be sad ,and to mourn the marriage you thought you had.

That doesn't make you bad or biphobic, it makes you a normal person forced into a difficult situation. Your husbands honesty is a that he trusts and loves you. I'm sure this is not easy from his side either. It's not easy for men to admit to same sex attraction especially when they know it may hurt their partner. He is brave to have made himself so vulnerable with you. I don't know where you go from here but as long as you do it openly and as a team you can get through it.

Best of luck figuring it all out. FYI I totally understand your threesome comment. It's more or less a Universal male fantasy. Mine has always been to watch my husband with another man, so you might get to experience mine someday. LOL God knows it's never going to happen at our house.

TXGrnEyz wow can i relate on so many levels in a committed relationship not planning on leaving him but crave being with a woman not only for a sexual encounter but a friendship also. I love men but lately ive been watching tribbing and it turns me on I just want to experiment with another first time plus size woman and trib keeping it discreet but Im shy and dont know vow to go about it or if its wrong I just know it really turns me on.

Palmetto for me, honesty is the best policy. Maybe consider how you would feel after you did actually meet up with a woman without telling your spouse. You deserve the life you want, but be honest with yourself as well as your spouse about it. Stevie I understand that completely. I think my high sex drive is what lead to my husbands suggestion of me finding a girl to fill that additional urge.

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