Beautiful adult massage of social circle

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With its deeply spiritual roots, tantra involves the balance and interweaving of energy between you and your partner, and practising tantric massage can therefore help to strengthen your bond and lead to a deeper understanding between you both.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of tantric massage and how to perform one. Engaging all your chakras and using the transference of energy, tantric massage can be a deeply satisfying experience for both parties. Sex and intimacy coach, Camilla Constanceagrees that being present and nonjudgemental is key to enable the receiver to drop into deep relaxation.

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When conscious breathing is added, the level of energy increases and the experience is further heightened. A tantric massage is a full-body massage that arouses sexual energy in the receiver. As well as offering a safe space to explore each other without pressure or judgement, tantric massage has other powerful benefits. She says these include:.

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One of the most beautiful benefits of tantric massage and tantric sex is its ability to help someone heal from — and transcend — past trauma. To our highly conditioned minds, we can barely imagine heterosexual sex without penetration, because what is the point of sex if this act does not take place?

Tantra would answer — always — the point is pleasure. This blows sex wide open! They are beautiful souls with bodies that can experience pleasure in myriad ways. Tantra is the art of learning new routes to sexual pleasure, in order to nourish and sustain happy, healthy lives and relationships.

Before the massage begins, spend a little time ensuring the massage environment is conducive to relaxation. Both Deen and Constance say that creating a beautifully calm and peaceful space is key to tantric massage. When it comes to tantric massage, oil is something of a requirement, according to Constance. I personally prefer coconut oil, but others swear by olive oil.

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Any per cent natural oil extracted from plants is good. Finally, make sure you are in the right place mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Constance reminds that the most important aspect is to relax fully into the experience. Have I got the right technique? I cannot stress how important it is when you give a massage that you relax and enjoy the body you are massaging. Take the time to grow your confidence, sensitivity and, above all, your capacity to give.

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Become really conscious of the body beneath your palms and fingertips, observe how it reacts to different types of touch and different pressures. Different people like their touch in different ways and what they enjoy will change as their sexual energy changes.

Become really conscious of the body beneath your palms and fingertips, observe how it reacts to different types of touch and pressures.

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For now, do no more than gently tease the lingam [penis] or yoni [vulva and vagina] by brushing over them as you attend to the rest of the body. Give the energy time to grow, notice how it builds and keep it under control. This takes time and practise, and is why giving an exquisite tantric massage is an art. A lingam massage is not a hand job! Learn about the different pleasure spots on the lingam and how they respond to different types of touch.

Costance says that this type of slow, lingering massage can be incredibly healing. As with the healing power of the lingam massage, the same is true of a yoni massage — in fact, even more so. Giving a yoni massage is one of the most healing gifts a lover can give. And because it has the potential to be so amazing, it also has the potential to do great harm. Because of this, you absolutely must honour and respect the yoni at all times.

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To learn where that is, you become an expert on this yoni, you watch your partner change as arousal levels change, you keep an eye on the rest of the body and you listen to words of encouragement and guidance coming from your partner, who must feel no pressure from you to perform in any way. Using lots of oil, stroke, tease and pleasure the vulva: the outer and inner lips, the fourchette, the perineum, the opening of the vagina, the clitoral bud and clitoral roots. If the answer is no, spend more time on the vulva and extend the strokes around the entire body, moving the sensation and pleasure to every inch of the body.

Move in one centimetre at a time and in circular movements, as if you are going around the points on the clock, and apply gentle pressure to the walls of the vagina. You are not fingering her — the idea is not to repeatedly thrust your finger in and out of the vagina. You are massaging the walls of the vagina, then her G-spot and then her cervix, slowly, consciously and with immense love.

However, it does turn the massage into mere foreplay, which can diminish its power. Parenting Mental health Healthy eating Conditions Follow. Type keyword s to search. What is tantric massage?

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Related Story. Tantra is the art of learning new routes to sexual pleasure. Your surroundings are just as important as the massage itself. Claire Chamberlain Contributor Claire is a freelance writer specialising in health, fitness and wellbeing.

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Beautiful adult massage of social circle

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