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There are also naked girls in Dollhouse in Soi Cowboy. For topless girls, Black Pagoda is nice as well. You also have several gogo bars in Nana Plaza where girls show their boobs.

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My review didn't show up, so posting again. Gonna try to give an as honest, objective and helpful review as possible: Since Baccara got the top spot on this blog, it must have been over-hyped and needs to be counter balanced, since I had the worst experience there than any other agogo I have been to in my life so far.

I've been to many agogos, and been a regular at some. Never have I ever had as bad experience as at Baccara on Soi Cowboy. The service personnel asked me if I wanted to buy another drink. I answered no thankyou, that I would be leaving for the next agogo after finishing the drink. They then said "ok, you finish drink now, and go! Never had that experience before and surprised to see people Bangkok nude club that working in service. In Summary and in all fairness: If you're the kind of bloke who like to throw money around, don't mind keeping buying lots of drinks and like to wipe the service personnel's asses with your money, then this over crowded, over hyped place where there are 10 men for every mediocre looking girl, and where they seem to have more customers than they can handle, may?

However, if you're the kind of guy who value money, like to have one drink, lean back and relax and enjoy looking at some beautiful, nude or topless girls dancing, then this place may not be the best choice for you. If you don't like to be pestered by service personnel to buy drinks but like to buy drinks or give tip as a reward for good service, save yourself your money, self respect and dignity and walk over to another bar.

You might be better off in terms of customer service and customer experience at Dollhouse and Crazy House! Don't go to 'Sakura' go go bar which will charge you high price. Crazy House is notorious Bangkok nude club bad service, lied recept calculation. Hi any interested in my services call me or reply back in my address.

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Am in Bangkok in 17 to 23rd August Want boom boom in room for full-time. I am male hot and energetic.

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Also interested in gigolo female. Crazy House is really bad service and very pushy Mamasan. I have been there two times over last 2 years and their attitude has become worse. Never again!! Baccarra is good but usually so crowded that you cannot even move inside or watch the girls on the stage.

Relax and watch does not exist anymore there. After visiting BKK for 10 times over last 5 years, I think Nana plaza with some bars may be a better option and has got some makeover. Soi Cowboy is oversold and time to avoid. The best gogo bars in Bangkok with nude striptease topless and full naked can all be found in the Sukhumvit area in the red light districts of Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza Entertainment Center. Nudity is getting more common in Bangkok. Pussies are another story: While you can easily get private or semi private lap dances in many locations, especially in Patong, it is still rare to see girls completely naked on a stage.

This is the reason why I wrote this list of Bangkok nude club best gogo bars in Bangkok with nudity. Baccara is one of the most famous gogo bars in Bangkok, particularly among Japanese. A few reasons for that: It is a bit classier than other ts on Soi Cowboy, there is a huge selection of very pretty young Thai girls and finally the erotic shows are particularly exciting.

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It is located on 3 floors with only a glass separation between each glass ceiling. The girls dancing on the 2nd and 3rd floors usually with a schoolgirl uniform do not wear any panties so you can have a peek under their skirts. It is very blur but that's what voyeurism is all about. Girls on the 2nd and 3rd floor will sometimes get fully naked while the ones on the first floor, the prettiest ones, only dance topless some will remain in bikini.

Crazy House Bangkok nude club introduced to me by an American expat as the most unique gogo bar in Bangkok. He was absolutely right, and he could have added, the most naked one too. If being surrounded by women wearing absolutely nothing is your thing, you should be in heaven in Crazy House. You have two main floors with a see-through ceiling just like in Baccara and probably 50 to 60 girls. The show is not only on stage but also in the room: Some girls are wearing kimonos, some only a bra, some only their panties, and the others are nude.

You have two striptease shows very short shows as they only need to take out a few clothes with some pole dancing and lesbian action.

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Compared to Baccara, there is more nudity but it is less classy and the girls are not as pretty. Also located on Soi Cowboy, Suzie Wong has the reputation of having the most daring shows in the street. It is very true: While Baccara is all about charm and erotica, Suzie Wong is more trash and pornographic. Girls are older and not exactly what you would call "fresh". Some are even a turn-off to watch. But if you like things to get naughty, you will be pleased. From lesbian play to ping pong shows, Suzie Wong shall not make you bored. It is also one of the most crowded gogo bars in Bangkok, especially with tourists, so it has a very lively, non-pretentious atmosphere.

You can on jakartabars. The best one, by far, is Spanky's. While you will not Bangkok nude club full nudity here, it has a good team of sexy Thai gogo dancers that bring a lot of fun to the place. A few of the girls were very hot looking at the time of my visit naturally this may probably changeand you could spend some private sensual time with them for only the price of a ladies' drink THB. There is a different live show every 15 minutes and the quality is usually good. If a show is boring, you just have to wait a little until the next one.

Late in the night, they do sometimes a limbo competition with both the staff and the clients. In the left corner, you also have a girl taking a shower in public:. Did I forget a great gogo bar in Bangkok with nude striptease? Please comment below to help me keep this website up-to-date! You may also be interested with my complete Bangkok nightlife review: 30 Best Nightclubs in Bangkok. It is free and you have between 3, and 5, Thai girls online at anytime of the Bangkok nude club. Anonymous June 24, at AM. Anonymous March 20, at AM. Unknown June 25, at AM. Anonymous October 5, at AM.

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Bangkok nude club

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